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Synway SMG Gateway and Multimedia Switch Facilitate Alibaba UC Applications

Alibaba Group is world-class E-business titanic player headquartered in Hangzhou, China. The legacy customer service system could not keep up with the booming business any longer so they need a whole new VOIP system to better interconnect with the current business platform and enable connection between SIP trunk and the legacy digital trunk, besides ensuring high efficiency and stability of the entire customer service system.

Alibaba used to ask Avaya for solutions, but it turned out to be non-customized solution and couldn’t integrate with Alibaba’s business platforms, besides high upgrading cost process. Under this circumstance, Synway’s technologies and services were chosen for its perfect convergence with Alibaba’s whole business platform and saved capital expenditure..

The benefits offered by Synway VOIP solution include:

1、Interconnectivity:Interconnect the decentralized branches to maximize efficiency while driving costs down;

2、Scalability:The combination of SMG Gateway and Multimedia SPBX allows for unlimited expandability and can work steadily in high density usage of over 30 thousand chs;

3、Robust NGN technolog:NGN-based VOIP technology to seamlessly integrate with Alibaba’s business platform;

4、Tele-grade reliability: High cost performance and Telco dual-power redundancy and can efficiently balance the calls overload.

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