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Soft Switching (IP)

Synway’s soft switching technology and solution combine legacy communication and could computing to build next generation, highly versatile unified communication for telecom, service provider and integrators. For that, end user and enterprises could fully leverage a variety of communications services, including IP-PBX, SMS, Conferencing, Sip Trunking, Call Center, Unified Communications, anytime and anywhere in Mobile Internet Era.  It features:

● Soft switching technology supports all needed multimedia resources in mobile internet environment;

● Being architectured for distributed and centralized hosted Could-based telecommunication system;

● Software based or Hardware based architecture, more robust but unparalleledly cost efficient;

SoftSwitching Powered SPBX Sharpens Sustainable Values in Mobile Internet Era  

In Mobile Internet Era with diverse and rapidly-growing needs of Instant Messaging, Synway SPBX adopts the latest NGN-IP SoftSwithing and opens a new milestone to maximize network value for SP and application developers. One of major advantage of softSwitching is its BLL and Control Layer’s  complete independence from equipment, which reduces time to market and help introduce innovative applications more efficiently and effectively. Tailored to satisfy diverse customers’needs, softSwitching  SPBX,with its open and standardized format, enables users to develop a range of modern multimedia applications.

The open architecture of Synway SPBX allows for standard protocols between different network components and ensures high independence and interoperability, which better caters to sophisticated communications. Also, in the Mobile Internet Era, SPBX brings about efficiency and unparalleled cost advantages for developers by optimizing R&D and integrating an array of data, voice, video and other applications. Compared with the legacy IP and TDM technology, SPBX embraces high availability and offers the thorough user-experience of multimedia applications for end-users, system developers and operators, with more cost-effectiveness and flexibility in Mobile Internet Era.

Softswitching Technology

Based on distributed switching/control layer,SPBX separates call controls from application layers, and could be seamlessly compliant with multiple communication devices and add applications on effortlessly.

High Scalability

Flattening architectures based on SoftSwitching ensures unlimited expandability from low density and high density. Modular design allows for easy configurations, system upgrading or general maintenance.

Diverse Media Resources

Support high-capacity voice playback and Codecs, conferencing, faxing and video; Support T.38/T.30; Set up Built-in IVR and ACD applications, with EXT IVR server or GUI management.

Embedded Switching Application

SPBX possesses a complete range of switcher features, and helps set up efficient enterprise communication and call center systems, without developing any additional PBX software

Telco Grade Reliability

Dual power system with standby redundancy; Intelligent cooling system reassures telco robustness; Special ash cleaner protects against dust accumulation; Internal temperature controller and alerts
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