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Multimedia Processing

All of Synway’s full product portfolios support built-in, DSP-enabled interactive conferencing resources, helping service providers and integrators deliver high available, versatile value-added Tel-conferencing, Hosted or distributed. And they could launch up cost-efficient and flexible Tel-conferencing system, with no limitation on density and system architecture. It helps:

● Develop high quality communication(voice and video) systems;

●Unparalleled Cost effectiveness to match market needs, from low to high scalability system;

● High reliability to protect communications contents;

● High expandability and scalability to meet changeable business needs;

For a wide product range, Synway’s product line helps developers to deliver conferencing system in both IP and PSTN networks, more cost-efficiently and shorter time to market. In some demanding environments, customers could adopt Synway’s hardware and solution to set up 50,000-party conference system, as centralized & hosted rental system. 

Conferencing is a vast field where new scenarios are arising each day. In past 2 decades, Synway’s product and technologies help system integrators improve everyday’s performance in many landscapes as follows:

● Training and motivating teams

● Organizing an event

● Running a business

● Chairing committees

● Group discussion with business partners

All Synway’s products integrate DSP based Group 3 FAX resources, and its transmission speed up to 33.6kbps; support .TIF file; Fax transmission of all kinds of printable files, easily viewed and printable; Fax capability is software configurable. 

Faxing capability is a type of embedded value-added resources for system integrators, and it is widely used for accounting, law firms, other enterprises and telecom arenas (as well as SMB).Synway’s faxing processing capability features:

● Error Correction Mode, Ensuring up to 99.99% accuracy ratio in over 500 pages continuous faxing transmission;

● High Speed faxing up to 33.6kbps, being a new environment friendly, highly efficient and low cost alternative faxing method;

● Compliance with both IP and TDM networks, becoming a value-added feature for telephony systems, like unified communications
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