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Global BPO Provider Huayun Data Chose Synway SMG Gateway for Multiple Offshore Service Center

High Availability, Compatible and Scalable SIP Media Gateways for International Customer Care Contact Center Operations

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in USA, Huayun Data, a leading provider of global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, deployed Synway SMG2000 media gateways at its locations in the US to enable a one-stop, cost-effective and reliable VoIP connections between its affiliated agencies across the world. Based on Synway’s VOIP-based gateway, Huayun Data lowered the operating costs down by 30% via adopting the brand-new VOIP-based IP communication system(Software Platform+VOIP Gateway) and ceasing the usage of the expensive international PSTN lines along with its legacy phones.


Huayun Data is a leading global business process solutions company which offers business value to 500+ global clients by combining operational excellence with deep domain expertise in key industry verticals, including Travel, Insurance, Banking and Financial Services, Manufacturing, Shipping and Logistics, Healthcare and Utilities. Huayun Data delivers an entire spectrum of business process outsourcing services such as customer care, research and analytics and industry-specific back-office and front-office processes. Huayun Data has affiliated agencies worldwide, including China, India, UK and US.


Huayun Data’s international customer contact center operations had been running very successfully for years. International traffic was collected at two PSTN interconnection points in the US, and the UK by using an Avaya contact center solution based at several sites in India, Europe, Asia. At each of these locations, a legacy phone switch was installed which was connected on one side to the local PSTN provider via T1/E1 connections and on the other to international leased PSTN lines. This solution, despite the high voice quality, is naturally limited in terms of high-capacity, flexible deployments and future upgradability. Besides, the cost of running the international leased PSTN lines is rather high as one of Huayun Data’s capital expenditure and they were hoping to lower the operating costs by 30% or more via system upgradation.

Huayun Data was faced with the challenge of managing its legacy communication systems that were at full capacity and reaching end-of-life. Huayun Data needed a cost-effective solution with a future-proof roadmap designed to support IP/MPLS and VoIP technology. The replacement solution had to offer scalability and reliability and ensure high voice quality. Furthermore, the solution would have to enable future integration with CTI, SIP IVR and other adjunct applications to deliver best-in-class customer service.


Synway SMG VOIP Gateway can help Huayun Data realise:

1. The replacement of its legacy voice equipments from expensive leased lines to a packet switched network based on VOIP-based IP solutions.

2. Featuring automatic routing and resource balancing, i.e., when there is network failure or communication jam, the calls can be directed to other calling branches such as Chia, UK and so on to guarantee the stability and reliability of the whole calling service system.

With the network infrastructure moving to IP, Huayun Data chose to replace its voice systems with VoIP devices to deliver more efficient services to customers. In the two target sites in the US, Huayun Data deployed Synway SMG2000 high-density and high-availability media gateways. Each SMG2000 can support up to 120 channels per chassis, reducing overall equipment costs. They are housed in a compact 1U chassis, resulting in savings in rack space, power consumption and cooling requirements. The SMG2000 supports high availability of carrier-grade, including redundant power supplies, network interfaces, ensuring the highest degree of reliability.

Synway SMG Gateways are fully inter-operable with many third-party systems, both TDM and VoIP. As a result, integration with both the Avaya Session Manager and the respective PSTN operators was achieved smoothly.

The high performance VOIP infrastructure meant that the SIP signaling could be passed between the Session Manager in India and the SMG2000 gateways reliably. In parallel, the voice packet streams were also securely transported by the IP network between the US and the various customer contact center locations. All of this ensured that despite the large geographic distances, very high call quality could be maintained, thereby enhancing the user experience of Huayun Data’s customers.

The benefits delivered to Huayun Data include:

Distributed architecture allows for various SIP application platform, operator network and other IP devices like IP-PBX.

SMG2000’s advanced call processing capabilities maintain low bandwidth consumption while ensuring high voice quality

SMG2000 hardware platform(1U Chassis,19inch) frees up costly rack space and reduces power and cooling costs

A single high-capacity SMG2000 can replace several smaller devices

Built-in redundancy(Dual backup for ISDN/SS7 TDM signaling, dual power supply, double Ethernet ports) at various levels ensures business continuity and customer satisfaction.

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