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DSP-Powered Systems

System architecture of communications equipment: SW and HW

Since 1990, Synway has committed to DSP algorithm and research, in use for bridging communications and media processing market needs with more cost-efficient DSP’s computing capability. Besides DSP-empowered applications, other major projects of Synway include low layer application of telecommunication and middleware, which enables Synway’s DSP based applications to seamlessly fit to business needs, including unified communication and IP communications. Since then on, Synway’s hardware and software has been constantly optimized over 20 years, and built up its own eco-system, helping SP and system integrators to leverage convergence technologies more efficiently and effectively. Finally, Synway’s portfolios has been adopted in carrier’s network in the long run, so its HW and SW architecture exceed telecom standards and requirements.

IP communications for NGN network

Worldwide, IP and IMS network are not synchronized in past few decades. Very fortunately Synway has opportunities to coordinate with domestic and international requirements, and continues to upgrade and improve product lines for matching application needs in IP and Mobile Networks. Synway’s products feature high interoperability, and perfectly comply with diverse brandname IP-PBX, SIP Trunk, Terminal Devices and so on. For both SIP and Third-Party IP protocols, Synway’s offering could seamlessly be compliant.

Advanced Multimedia Processing Technologies

Synway has been working on multimedia processing technologies since 1995, when it started to provide voice monitoring applications for government and public security sectors. For that, a range of media processing capability, including voice processing, high speed faxing, multi-party conferencing, and data transcoding has been achieved and optimized in past 20 years.

In mobile internet era, Synway continues to adopt the latest media processing technologies, and empowers services providers and integrators to deliver more media resources and contents for enterprises and operators. Based upon Synway’s solutions, SPs and system developers could deliver video, voice, data to any type of mobile terminal devices, including PC, Tablet, Smartphone and so on.

Synway’s multimedia processing technologies are built on its own field proven DSP algorithm, and it has been implemented in most complex TDM and IP networks, with high adjustability and flexibility.

Customizability Fits to Personalized Needs

Market needs has been changeable than ever before. In the long time service experience, Synway not only provide standard solutions to meet general business demand, but also create individualized methodology to help partners resolve their challenges everyday. Offering general API customization or sophisticated soft switching system, Synway could leverage its long standing industrial expertise to empower business partners to design and develop highly flexible and personalized applications. All-in-One architecture combines all media and signaling resources in single form factor, could help clients to fast deliver solutions to market.   

Complete Interoperability & Standardization

Through two decades of technical and service commitment, Synway’s product and technology, with high adaptability, has been perfectly compliant with any third party ones in the whole eco-system of convergence & unified communication. Continuous technical investment, software as service ideology, standardization, optimization and long term coordination with partners lead to high interoperability and adjustability and fulfill individual needs. So far, Synway’s product has been well compliant with over 500 categories of PBX brandnames, Networks, Applications, terminal devices, and has been adopted via over 1,000 Service providers and system integrators.
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