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Cloud Communications

With a complete range of multimedia processing, voice optimization, and data processing capability used for 3G/LTE networks, Synway’s products and solutions provide solid foundation for next-generation unified communications. Service provider, system integrators and software developers could effortlessly benefit from Synway’s product family’s customizable API, middleware and market-oriented applications. All of these follow features make your next generation UC differentiated and competitive, including:

● Both hardware and software empowered media processing capability to fit into needs of end users;

● Enable SP and system integrators to simplify business procedure and reduce delivery time and cost over 50%;

● Support various terminal devices, equipment and seamlessly comply with mobile applications in 3/4G network;

In hybrid IP and PSTN networks, a new range of applications can be realized by Synway's combined IP and PSTN access technologies, such as gateway, hosted call center, IVR, prepaid card service, voice mail, faxmail, unified messaging, auto attendance, conferencing and more. Synway's IP and PSTN architecture provide service providers and application developers with matchless cost advantage, powerful signaling protocols and multimedia resources in most demanding applications. With years of expertise of technical support service worldwide, Synway's engineers offer responsive and efficient development, deployment, and design support to help developers rapidly deliver sophisticated revenue-generating applications.

Synway's IP signaling and media processing technologies cater to ultimate demands of pure IP-based applications in the ever changeable environment. Synway's underling thinking of product design is to make this ultimate IP-based demands and PSTN-based applications closely interconnected as well as completely independent. For that, application developers, by choosing Synway's IP and PSTN platforms, can not only resolve existing problems, but simply separate ultimate IP-based applications from hybrid IP and PSTN solutions when IP networks completely replace PSTN.

Snway's IP media processing architecture SHN, together with Synway's PSTN media processing and signaling hardware SHD, forms a .complete, flexible, high perform turkey solution for VoIP applications to who need to connect their service or applications to legacy PSTN networks. This combination brings highly scalable, flexible PSTN to IP transport and signaling functionality, standard PSTN trunks and NIC interfaces and supports for SIP, SS7 (ISUP/TCAP/TUP/MTP), SCCP(MAP), ISDN variants, CAS as well as a wide range of media processing capabilities. In addition, this evolutionary combination makes it easy add cost effective to offer SIP-based services to traditional telephony users, or connect traditional PSTN applications to IP telephony subscribers.


At Synway, component and architectural reliability are an integral part of design. Built for the demanding central office environment, Synway's media processing and signaling architecture exceeds stringent standards and carrier-grade solutions in complex operator network. An array of high- capability, over-million subscribers' installations worldwide have proven Synway's Telco-grade stability since 1990s.

Designed for full redundancy, Synway's hardware includes all featured reliability, such as hot swappable, redundant SS7 connection, and enables upgrade without downtime plus full redundancy and operation protection. To ensure the highest availability, Synway continues to use advanced processing technologies, such as Direct Memory Processing (DMA), best-of-breed components such as T1 DSP chipsets.


Synway design gives telecom solution providers the ability to easily add more capacity when they need it and makes carriers pay exactly for ports required instantly and scale up more capacity for future as needed. This gives service providers full control over growth and ensures capital expenses are not tied up for non-revenue generation overcapacity. Synway's hardware can scale up to 1,920 ports (IP and/or TDM) and 96 SS7 links by simply adding components as needed. In multiple nodes, Synway's hardware can support boundless expansion.

With Synway, a developer's initial investment is protected since all configuration use the same hardware and application interfaces and expansions are built on top of the existing system. With no upfront costs for unneeded hardware or software application, the platform grows as your traffic grows.
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