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All-In-One Design

Synway's media processing and signaling architectures incorporate a full suite of protocols, including SIP, SS7, ISDN, CAS, and Telco solution providers can depend on Synway's portfolios to easily deliver gateway functionality and a host of next generation features. Sustainability and interoperability of Synway's products protect initial investment of service providers and application developers.


Synway's broad range of digital products incorporate an array of signaling protocols and rich media processing capabilities, and provide service providers and application developers with matchless cost, high performance ALL-IN-ONE hardware platform easily used for all of CTI applications. Its enhanced built-in resources include conferencing, fax, compression protocols, echo cancellation and call control, which are powered by innovative technologies and expertise accumulated in serving leading service providers, application developers, telecom equipment providers and OEMs worldwide.


In the hypercompetitive environment, service providers and operators must continually lower subscription cost for standard service, such as voicemail, and simultaneously offer subscribers more value-added functionalities, such as faxmail, CRBT, etc. Synway, with world class technical team, can provide telco solution developers with enhanced and customized architectures to differentiate.


With an expandable suite of value-added features, Synway's integrated media and signaling product enables Telco solution providers to introduce more cost effective, innovative services to meet carriers and subscribers' today or future network needs.


Interoperated with an array of TDM/IP switchers and networks, Synway's product portfolios, including analog, digital and VoIP media processing and access platforms, share the same application interface and media processing capabilities, and can be mixed together or used alone for highly scalable and available applications and value-added services in PSTN and IP networks. All of Synway component-based applications or services are protocol-independent (SIP or SS7) and can be migrated among all of Synway's portfolios.


    ALL-IN-ONE architecture of integrated signaling and multimedia processing

Integrate media processing and signaling built on in-house DSP architectures, and support all of multimedia applications, such as IVR, call center, fax and conferencing, and other highly available solution architectures.


    Rich media processing: conferencing, compression, fax, echo cancellation, call control, etc.

Support for enhanced multimedia processing resources, including conferencing, IVR, fax, compression, echo canceller, call control, help developers develop flexible feature-rich applications.


    Selectable signaling protocols: CAS, ISDN PRI, SS7(ISUP/TUP/MTP/TCAP), SCCP(MAP)

Offer robust signaling technologies, including SS7 (MTP1-3, ISUP, TCAP, TUP), SCCP(MAP), ISDN PRI and CAS for service providers and application developers to develop and deploy high capability, high performance and highly available enhanced services in PSTN and PLMN networks.


    Universal user-friendly SHCTI API supports for a range of calling features

Unified API architecture minimizes efforts on application development and deployment, and PSTN-based or SIP-based applications can be migrated among all of Synway's hardware platforms.

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