Uniway 2100, Synway Latest Hybrid VoIP Gateway, facilitates China National Petroleum Corporation to build versatile enterprise communication system

Customer background analysis and challenges:


China National Petroleum Corporation is the world’s 3rd largest oil company based in China and plays a leading role in China's petroleum industry. They integrate the business portfolios of both an oil company and an oilfield service provider, with operations covering the entire oil and gas industry value chain. Having oil and gas assets and interests in over 30 countries, they are playing a greater role in the global petroleum circle.

Like many large-scale enterprises, building a global and effective enterprise communication system was a significant goal for CNPC to implement the enterprise information optimization. But the extreme geographic positions (mountain, ocean, desert, no man's land and so on) of the petroleum programs made the access modes of the communication system with rigorous requirements. That meant they had to count on the satellite phone to support their whole communication system, and such a high-cost communication mode not only resulted in expensive communication cost but also impeded the renew and update the communication system.

Solution :

CNPC turned to Synway and chosen Uniway2100 to assist in building their global and effective enterprise communication system.

  • Create hybrid communications solutions that deliver the flexibility and agility your business needs to grow.

    Achieve reduced total cost of ownership—not just for communication but for the entire enterprise communication environment. Build an ecosystem that grows in tandem with NCPC’s business.

  • Modernize NCPC’s existing communications ecosystem by centralizing and simplifying underlying technology infrastructures.

    Take advantage of integrated delivery and new licensing models, and move cost to an efficient operating expense model.

  • Move NCPC‘s business ahead by accelerating the effectiveness of the whole communication system, maintaining business processes, and supporting all employees more efficiently.

    Updating Unified Communication for the enterprise brings mobility, availability, and better solutions for enhanced team engagement.

About Uniway2100:

  • Interface with FXO, FXS, T1, E1, GSM, CDMA, UTMS, WCDMA, 3G, VoLTE, IP

  • Optional inbuilt server, support multi-devices integration

  • Reliable X86 framework, Dual Industrial processors and data storage(Optional)

In hybrid VoIP & TDM era with diverse and rapidly-growing needs of unified communications and services, Synway UNIWAY VoIP Gateway adopts the latest modular architecture with built-in server. It is composed of multiple components, includes technical grade CPU module, switchboard, dual redundant power supply and voice boards ,and the boards are 16-channel analog boards,4E1 digital boards, 8 wireless boards. Interface with FXO, FXS, T1, E1, GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, 3G, VoLTE, IP to deliver a cost-effective and comprehensive VoIP solution.