How many steps it takes to upgrade TDM PBX to IP PBX? The answer is ONE!

Products: SMG2000L

Application Introduction:

How to upgrade TDM PBX to IP PBX with simple and economical way that is a significant problem to many small and medium-size enterprises. But good news is the days of complicated and costly implementation processes have passed out of existence. Thanks to improved technology, upgrading to VoIP just got easy. When a PBX connects with SMG2000L could be a new IP PBX system and that can make up for the shortcomings of PBX’s access modes, which makes the traditional PSTN and SIP-based VoIP communication can be connected to each other. In addition , more rich functions of communication can be expended by softswitch software in new IP PBX system.  

The SMG2000L series, with mini size for better space and shipment efficiency, that enables service providers and enterprises to maximize value of their networks and services. It converts digital E1/T1 PSTN message into IP formats and secures sessions across IP and mixed network boundaries to support the seamless delivery of services.


Product performance:
Based on the state-of-art Telco’s SMG2000 series, Synway has released a new enterprise-focused cost effective SMG2000L series VoIP gateway. The newly released SMG2000L adopts the equivalent hardware architecture like its predecessor SMG2000, with fully loaded dedicated DSP chipsets in use for processing IP/TDM signaling and optimizing voice quality. Compared to rival products on marketplaces, SMG2000L features Telco’s high reliability and unparalleled cost efficiency, providing a perfect alternative for enterprises and system integrators in IP communications.

SMG2000L provides enterprises with unmatched values and efficiency, helping system integrators and users to build up more robust and cost effective VoIP gateway used for bridging TDM and IP. Its core values include:

  • Complete range of DSP-Based voice processing resources for better communication quality;

  • Telco’ grade hardware design, DSP-enabling signaling with superior reliability;

  • Homegrown core technologies to assure unparalleled cost for enterprises and SPs;

  • Higher System responsiveness capability in extreme network for better operational results;

  • High performance and stability in cases of unstable(low) bandwidth and high capacity;

  • Inherited Software and Hardware architecture and customer-oriented features and functionalities;

key features
SMG2000L adopts long standing field-proven voice processing technologies, based on continually optimized algorithm of dedicated chipsets in diverse networks. It could offer high audio quality, despite of low bandwidth in extreme environment. For that, enterprise users could enjoy smooth communications effortlessly and efficiently, in situations of restricted bandwidth and high density switching.

Compared to with rival products, SMG2000L features high reliability and unparalleled cost efficiency, and delivers a perfect alternative option for enterprises, operators and system integrators. Of course, the most concerned point for customers is cost. And the unparalleled cost advantage can be brought by SMG2000L , the compact size help customers save freight cost and reducing lead times. In addition, SMG2000L can compliant with PRI ISDN, R2 and SS7 packets, and adopt the equivalent hardware architecture like Telco’ grade SMG3000 series, with dedicated DSP chipsets for processing IP/TDM signaling and optimizing voice quality.

●Flexible and efficient VoIP Gateway Solution

SMG2000L support voice densities ranging from 30 to 60 channels, call routing, call translation and IP transcoding in a single mini chassis for gateway operations. The integrated gateway functionality not only provides interworking between IP and TDM domains, but also automated failover from IP to TDM for outbound routing. These features help service providers looking to improve network and routing resiliency and lower TCO. These capabilities make the SMG2000L an excellent option for mobile VAS, SIP trunking, contact center and emergency service deployments, as well as for retail, wholesale, business, and enhanced Voice over IP (VoIP) services.

●Any-to-Any Signaling and Multimedia Connectivity

SMG2000L provides any-to-any network connectivity through its ability to interwork multiple protocols used by telecommunications providers to deliver services to their retail, business and wholesale customers. It can provide interworking between ISDN, SS7, SIP formats.

●User-friendly management and configuration toolkits

The Web graphical user interface (WebUI) is a real-time web toolkit to configure, monitor SMG2000L. It allows operators to configure and perform real-time monitoring and maintenance. Flexible SIP and Protocols configuration enable services providers and enterprises to seamlessly connect in hybrid networks, Helping configure SIP, SIP trunking, SIP Mediation, PCM, SS7and ISDN, Routing and more; And a broad range of gateway toolkits also help gateway’s maintenance and software upgrading for Web UI, gateway services and firmware.

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