Synway SMG4000 Mobile/Wireless Gateway Seamlessly Converge Voice and Data to Help Enterprise and Carrier Build Hybrid Audio/SMS Systems

In this application case, we focus on SMG4000’s values and benefits in SMS-Based applications.

Synway SMG4000 Wireless Gateway could be compliable with a variety of wireless/mobile protocols (2G/3G/4G), enabling interconnection between GSM/CDMA/WCDMA network and VoIP network smoothly and safely. It is able to bridge wireless network with IP networks efficiently. SMG4000 could be applied into a range of systems, including, mobility PBX, PSTN backup lines, VoIP localization, SMS notification platform, cloud-based services, contact service center, and GSM/CDMA Trunking.


Perfectly Combine Voice & Data (Separately process voice or data transmission, or handle simultaneous voice and data transmissions in a single system)

SMG4000 wireless mobile gateway not only can be used to optimize both voice and signaling of highly intensive processing, but also is capable of transitioning data, including SMS, Email, Text and so on. Specifically, to meet customers` needs in multiple applications and services, it can separately process voice or data transmission, as well as can handle simultaneous transmissions on both voice and data in a single system, which helps enterprises and carriers achieve perfect integration between voice and data.


Hi-Speed & Accuracy Processing (Field-approved in diverse extreme environments, including low bandwidth and unstable wireless signals)

 SMG4000 has been used for a wide range of applications in the market in the world, and its reliability and agility have been field-approved in diverse extreme environments, including low bandwidth and unstable wireless signals. Its DSP-based architecture ensures the data is transmitted and retrieved accurately, reliably, efficiently and rapidly. With high reliability in operation, SMG4000 delivers matchless values, and possesses unparalleled transmission efficiency for real-time transmission in all kinds of data SMS services.


Boost Operational Efficiency (significantly improve operation efficiency while applying SMG4000 in the data processing & SMS transmission)

It can significantly improve the operation efficiency while applying SMG4000 in the data processing and SMS transmission, because of the lower cost of SMS-based data in carrier networks. With SMG4000, carrier networks could assure higher successful transmission rate of data, and less bandwidth is consumed. For its specific security algorithm of built-in SIM slots, SMG4000 would incur lower probability of being disabled or suspended. Therefore, many enterprises and carriers are starting to adopt SMG4000 for business expansion and efficiency improvement.

Improve Mobility and Flexibility (SMG4000 has been widely used in SMS, E-Mail, entertainment, GPS positioning and other fields for efficiency improvement)

SMS data services have been widely preferred to by subscribers and carriers, and kept rapid development in some scenarios, including SMS telemarketing, which has been reflected in the rapid growth of SMS-based services in past few years. Data has increased into main business from niche business, would be the highlight for future development of the information industries. It can create huge market value, compared with voice service. Its unique features include rapidity, convenience and easy to use. It has been widely used in SMS, E-Mail, entertainment, GPS positioning and other fields. With the explosive growth of data, services and business require more robust network infrastructure. Therefore, customers can benefit by adopting SMG4000-based system for minimum infrastructure requirement.

Higher Business Values (SMS-based commercial delivers advantages of low cost, dismiss complexity, and also save time and human cost)

There are many ways for promotion, and SMS-based promotion has been verified to be very popular and efficient by many campaign managers around the world. It not only delivers advantages of low cost, dismiss complexity, and also save time and human cost. Besides, business process is very customer-oriented and user-friendly. SMS-based services, could be adjusted for different segments flexibly, and must not disturb subscribers. SMS data also can be saved or retrieved anytime and anywhere. The content of SMS/data can be flexible and diverse, such as link, picture, text and more, which makes the campaigns more attractive and effective.


Key Points for SMG4000

SMG4000 provides customers with efficient communication efficiency and helps them create more values, and both system integrators and users could benefit from a more reliable and versatile manner of transition between wireless and IP networks.  Some of specific values include:


  • High-speed response and connectivity in the extreme network environments, with better run efficiency;

  • Telecom grade reliability and continuous high performance in fully loaded capacity and in the long run;

  • Homegrown hardware and software technologies to guarantee relevant upgrading and customization;   

  • DSP-enabled voice optimization to assure crystal voice quality and maximize bandwidth efficiency;

  • High security and privacy for users via automatic-exchange of different SIM cards and Networks;

  • More compact hardware design to save space and ensure advantages of power consumption and cost ;


Besides, GSM4000 has some unique key features to help users differentiate from their competitors, including:

Inbuilt SIM BANK

Many rival products have separate SIM bank, but SMG4000 integrates inbuilt SIM bank slots. In any case, system would be running uninterruptedly, even though some SIM cards are blocked unexpectedly because of continuous calling. Via using 1Channel with 4 SIM slots, users even can set time-based call volume or time length, and so a channel can use 4 different SIM cards.

SMS Text Messaging

To fit into growing market demands on both data and audio, SMG4000 could transition both data and voice efficiently and effectively. SMG4000 can use both web-GUI and a specific tool to send and receive SMS (from or to GSM gateway). SMG4000 can use and activate multiple SIM cards circularly, improve system security, make full use of bandwidth, and increase ROI.

IMEI changing Capability

Generally, mobile networks use IMEI numbers. Sometimes due to high usage of SIM cards, operators or SPs block calling from particular SIM cards based on IMEI numbers. With SMG 4000, users can manually edit and update IMEI numbers so that SIM cards can be reactivated or reused continually.

Audio debugging

SMG4000 could track the technical issues and debug efficiently via audio debugging, which other rival products cannot provide in the market. By channel-based recording, SMG4000 can record PSTN side channel as well as SIP side channel in order to debug the voice/DTMF/noise/Echo issues shortly.

Channel-based CDR

SMG4000’s CDR reports are channel (PORT) based and go to finest detail. In each channel call, details are separate from other channel data. In competitors’ offering, CDR reports are based on date/hours, and all data is included in one file altogether.

Auto. DTMF Adjustment

In many networks, DTMF signals may not be standardized. With DTMF adjustment feature, we can analyze and adjust the signals parameters to fix the issue quickly.

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