High-Speed SMS Notification Systems(Up to 20SPS) Empowered by Synway SMG4000 Wireless VoIP Gateway Optimize Education Industry

Product: SMG4000 series wireless gateway
Application introduction: There are approximate 1000 schools in Shanghai, includes all kinds of kindergartens, primary schools, junior high schools ,senior high schools and other types schools. In recent years, with the more and more frequent academic communication among each school, how to build an efficient conference notification system for Shanghai education system became a puzzle for Shanghai Municipal Education Commission have to face. Shanghai Municipal Education Commission desired to replace traditional notification system which is sending paper documents to organize academic communication or conference. So they were hunger for streamlining the notification system with the technical upgrade and making the whole system more reasonable and efficient. Synway and its partners adopt SMG4000 series wireless gateway and smart SMS solution to help Shanghai Municipal Education Commission solve this problem.

Products performances in this application:

  • Preset voice messages to achieve intelligent external call

Based on the voice communication system built by Synway SMG4000 series wireless gateway, it can support up to 32 voice channels. The conference information can be directly converted into the information for voice external call by presetting the voice messages (recorded the voice files) or converting the text through TTS software.

  • Reliable SMS notification to streamline the legacy system

Based on the voice external call , SMG4000 supports the messages with GSM7bit and UCS2 to send meeting time, meeting address, schedule and conference content to all attendees. And it has the ability to send messages with a speed of 16 messages per second. Secure, reliable, and fast SMS delivery ensures it have the best SMS solution.

  • Flexible setting ensures easy converting between Email and SMS

On the basis of message format matching, flexible setting ensures easy converting between Email and SMS,and the email sending and receiving with SSL encryption ensure all information secure and reliable ,and enable the whole conference notification system more smart and flexible.

Products key features:

Synway SMG4000 series GSM/WCDMA/CDMA/UMTS/LTE VoIP Gateway is a multi-functional product used to efficiently realize the smooth transition between mobile and VoIP network. Different from SMG2000/3000 series, SMG4000 adds more software features and adopts new hardware structure design. With new pop-up SIM card slot, users are able to change SIM card easily without disassembling equipment. Also, it is fully compatible with Synway SIMCloud/SIMbank solution.

  • High-speed response and connectivity in the extreme network environments, with better run efficiency;

  • Telecom grade reliability and continuous high performance in fully loaded capacity and in the long run;

  • Homegrown hardware and software technologies to guarantee relevant upgrading and customization;   

  • DSP-enabled voice optimization to assure crystal voice quality and maximize bandwidth efficiency;

  • High security and privacy for users via automatic-exchange of different SIM cards and Networks;

  • More compact hardware design to save space and ensure advantages of power consumption and cost ;

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