Synway SMG4000 Wireless 2G/3G/4G VoIP Gateway Makes Your SMS-Based Applications More Efficiently

Application introduction:
SMG4000 series wireless gateway is a multi-functional product used to efficiently realize the smooth transition between mobile and VoIP network. With new pop-up SIM card slot ,users are able to change SIM card easily without disassembling equipment. And it is fully compatible with Synway SIMCloud/SIMbank solution. In addition, SMG4000 can transfer TEXT information to achieve any expected performance on both voice and data. And as we all know, the communication ways are not just limited to voice communication anymore. Various communication ways are helping us to lead a more efficient life. For instance , SMS(Short Message Services) , maybe you are not familiar with this concept, but the fact is that you have benefited a lot from SMS, no matter in business occasion or in ordinary life. Lots of business promotion activities and public services systems through SMS to achieve its purpose efficiently, such as bank credit card bill reminding system, utility payment notification system, telemarketing and marketing campaign activities, etc.


Products performances in this application: 

SMG4000 has attracted over 100 system integrators to use, based upon users’ feedback and comparison analysis of other brands, SMG4000 has faster system response speed than its rivals. It could connect to the IP/WIRELESS networks with minimum latency, improving the operation efficiency of the system, and increasing dialing numbers and calling frequency. In addition, SMG4000 also could detect low wireless signals promptly and convert the wireless signals into high definition IP audio and text reliably. Besides, SMG4000 adopts a variety of brand name hardware-components, and its embedded system has been optimized continually in the field, ensuing SMG4000 maintains a better stability under the circumstance of durable high-capacity running.

SMG4000 Series gateway system adopts carrier-grade system structure. Also, it adapts open architecture, could be upgraded to fit into specific customer needs. In specific environments, SMG4000, with integrated built-in SIM Banks, uses and activates multiple SIM cards circularly, improve system security, make full use of bandwidth, and increase ROI.

Products key features:

  • High-speed response and connectivity in the extreme network environments, with better run efficiency;

  • Telecom grade reliability and continuous high performance in fully loaded capacity and in the long run;

  • Homegrown hardware and software technologies to guarantee relevant upgrading and customization;   

  • DSP-enabled voice optimization to assure crystal voice quality and maximize bandwidth efficiency;

  • High security and privacy for users via automatic-exchange of different SIM cards and Networks;

  • More compact hardware design to save space and ensure advantages of power consumption and cost ;

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