Synway Session border controller SBC500 facilitates TOYOTA to build an effective and secure global communication system


TOYOTA, as the largest automobile manufacturer in the world, the effective communications system is vital to TOYOTA. However, it’s not easy for TOYOTA to implement timely effective communication system to communicate with automobile suppliers around the world. Although the communication mode has already been IP-based, the complexity of SIP protocols and diverse signals also perplex the TOYOTA.


In the process of enterprise VoIP communication system construction, more and more enterprises are beginning to use IP-PBX, Softswitch, MCU and other products to boost IP communication capability, integrating with IP-based network carrying data, voice, video, business. But the security is a challenge for many enterprises in the complex network situation.

Solving problems of compatibility and security in the process of building communication system

The different communication systems are matched via communication protocols by SBC transcoding. For TOYOTA, there is a big security risk if the internal communication network connects with the undesignated external communication network. So making the internal network topology isolated is very important to avoid cyber attacks from non-trusted external communication networks.

Values of SBC in TOYOTA Communication System

  • Protecting topology of the core network and the internal network

SBC acts as a proxy between user terminals and core devices such as IP-PBX, softswitch, and provides security for real-time sessions. External terminal devices or endpoints access to the core network which is not visible to them via SBC. So it effectively hides the core network and the internal network of the enterprise topology, preventing cyber attack and improving the security of the entire network infrastructure.

  • The firewall function could be provided by SBC

SBC provides a session-based dynamic firewall function, supports time-based ACLs, and flexible configuration of ACL rule effective time. It also provides a blacklist function, which is quickly filtered the original IP address of the packet, which shields the packets sent by the specific IP address of the blacklist entry to prevent illegal intrusion.

  • Preventing DoS Attack

SBC provides anti-signaling message DoS attack function, in the event of signaling packets DoS attacks can still guarantee the maximum use of normal users, but also to prevent false source IP address signaling packets DoS attacks and prevent IP address fixed of the signaling message DoS attack, you can directly discard the bad signaling messages, reduce the pressure on the soft exchange processing. To protect the entire VoIP communication system stable operation.

  • Achieving IP multimedia NAT traversal by SBC

TOYOTA is concerned about not only the security of the communication system, but also the communication network interoperability for its distributed global suppliers, and SBC can easily help the communication system, through a variety of NAT protection, be compatible with other communication systems.



SYnway SBC500, an organic component of communication solution, often is implemented as connection point between internal and external networks, being used for bridging IP-based multimedia transmission among different IP networks and ensuring high level of communication security in diverse networks of enterprises, services providers and carriers.

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