The Financial software and network service pioneer, HUNDSUN is facilitated to build advanced OBD system by SYNWAY



Hundsun Technologies is a world-leading provider of financial software and network service. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Hangzhou, Hundsun has been committed to the development and deployment in the fields of assets management industry, provides the whole IT solutions and service to financial institutions.Until now, over 5000 employees work for Hundsun and more than 20 million financial institutions have entrusted Hundsun with their assets management.



For HUNDSUN, there is no doubt that telecommunication is significant, since 98% of its business are completed by telephone call. However, when telephone silence and hang-up usually occur in actual operational process, there is not only a waste of resources for each telephone communication, which negatively impacts efficiency of OBD system.



Technically, most outbound dialing systems adopt the predictive dialing mechanism, in which system automatically dial a number beforehand. When a called number is reached, the agent must communicate with the called individual as soon as possible. In the predictive dialing mechanism, the calling system first dials a customer’s number and then dials an agent’s number after the customer pick the phone, and thus a delay exists in connecting. If the delay is too long, the customer will hang up, as there is no answering agent heard, which results to a void dialing. It not only wastes the communication resources, but also brings down the system efficiency.


SMS1000 completely analyzes and adjusts the dialing functionality to better match the predictive dialing mechanism of the outbound system. FSK mode is adopted to send out the dialing number before the first ringing via the setting of VoIP gateway parameters (similar to the number sending mode of DTMF). This subtle adjustment increases the efficiency of session establishment by around 30%, and the silent interval between sending calling number and the signal of ringing can be adjusted by setting SMG1000 parameters. For SMG1000 gateway, the interval can be set to 200ms; for rival products, it is 900 ms; thus, Synway SMG gateway can save 700ms, and outperform most rival products.



With comparison analysis, the outbound calling OBD dialing system has increased the dialing success rate and reduced the rate of defective calling; with shorter call duration and order-closing success rate, efficiency of the communication system increased at least by 18%.

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