Adopting SMG4000 Wireless Gateway, UPS (China Branch) Provides Voice & Data Notification System to Improve Customers Satisfaction

United Parcel Service (NYSE: UPS) is a global leader in logistics, offering a broad range of solutions including the transportation of packages and freight, the facilitation of international trade, and the deployment of advanced technology to manage the world of business more efficiently. One of largest cargo carriers in the world, UPS has run its services in China over decades. Its business expands exponentially in past 2 decades. However, UPS still has some challenges, technologically, when commercials have been growing:

  1. UPS legacy phone notification systems could not catch up with its business growth;

  2. A mere way of dialing(audio) notice system could not assure 100% reach rate for package pick-up;

  3. Highly frequent dialing consumes much bandwidth and is not cost effective;

  4. Limited speech processing, and low scalability and flexibility of existing systems;

  5. Failure to handle a large number of unanticipated incoming calls from package receptionists;

  6. System cannot remain high performance while the high density incoming calls occur;

  7. Could not perfectly combine voice & date (SMS based) notice applications on existing system.

For these challenges, UPS China decided to change its legacy system, using Synway SMG4000 wireless gateway. SMG4000 wireless mobile gateway could not only be used to optimize both voice and signaling in highly intensive dialing, but also efficiently and reliably transition data, including SMS, Email, Text and so on. Specifically, to meet customers` needs for both access channels(voice or SMS), it can separately process voice or data transmission, as well as can handle simultaneous transmissions on both voice and data in a single system, which helps enterprises and carriers achieve perfect integration between voice and data.
SMG4000 has been used for a wide range of applications in the market in the world, and its reliability and agility have been field-approved in diverse extreme environments, including low bandwidth and unstable wireless signals. Its DSP-based architecture ensures the data is transmitted and retrieved accurately, reliably, efficiently and rapidly. With high reliability in operation, SMG4000 delivers matchless values, and possesses unparalleled transmission efficiency for real-time transmission in all kinds of data SMS services.

It can significantly improve the operation efficiency while applying SMG4000 in the data processing and SMS transmission, because of the lower cost of SMS-based data in carrier networks. With SMG4000, carrier networks could assure higher successful transmission rate of data, and less bandwidth is consumed. For its specific security algorithm of built-in SIM slots, SMG4000 would incur lower probability of being disabled or suspended. Therefore, many enterprises and carriers are starting to adopt SMG4000 for business expansion and efficiency improvement.

With SMG4000 adoption, UPS has resolved its headache well and obtained some tangible values, by offering hybrid dialing/SMS notification system, which ensure to 100% reach pick-up recipients.

  • In case, pick-up recipients do not reply on due, the SMG4000-based system will switch to dialing notification model day by day until pick up is processed;

  • In addition, SMS-based data transition would be accessible for recipients anytime, consume less bandwidth, and characterize high reliability and availability;

  • SMG4000 adopts dedicated DSP chipsets to process data, assuring high-efficient and real-time transition. In 2016, UPS sent over 50M pieces of notification SMS, with 100% reach rate;

  • SMG4000’s homegrown hardware and software technologies guarantee relevant upgrading and customization, and its DSP-enabled voice optimization assures

    crystal voice quality and maximize bandwidth efficiency;

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