Synway Delivers a Hybrid VoIP Gateway and Server to Help Enterprises Build Unified Communications Effortlessly and Efficiently

Application introduction:
Maybe you have already noticed that it is the epoch of hybrid communication (VoIP & TDM). The needs of unified communications and services are growing by exponential numbers , but what’s more fascinating ,is that many companies implement hybrid communication solutions in stiff and unconventional ways.

Increasing your hybrid communication efficiency can be scary if you’re just depending on limited or antiquated equipments. In Synway, we solve this issue by our highly-integrated hybrid VoIP gateway with built-in server—UNIWAY2000.It can simultaneously interfaces with FXO, FXS, T1, E1, GSM, CDMA, 3G, VoLTE, IP and easily covers all requirements of hybrid communication environment .UNIWAY2000 offers a flexible architecture that can easily reduce costs by moving to SIP, and achieve the purpose of optimizing enterprise communication workflow for max communication output.

Uniway 2000.jpg

Product performance in this application:
Synway UNIWAY2000 VoIP Gateway adopts the latest modular architecture with built-in server, and opens a new milestone to maximize VOIP and TDM network’s value for SP and application developers. One of major advantage of UNIWAY is to reduce time to market and introduce innovative applications more efficiently and effectively. Tailored to satisfy diverse customers’ needs, UNIWAY, with its open and standardized format, enables users to develop a range of applications. Also, it allows for standard protocols between different network components and ensures high independence and interoperability, which better caters to sophisticated communications. Moreover, in the Mobile Internet Era, UNIWAY2000 brings about efficiency and unparalleled cost advantages for developers by optimizing R&D and integrating an array of data, voice, video and other applications

Key features and points:

  • Create hybrid communications solutions that deliver the flexibility and agility your business needs to grow. Achieve reduced total cost of ownership—not just for communication but for your entire enterprise communication environment. Build an ecosystem that grows in tandem with your business.

  • Modernize your existing communications ecosystem by centralizing and simplifying underlying technology infrastructures. Take advantage of integrated delivery and new licensing models, and move cost to an efficient operating expense model.

  • Move your business ahead by engaging customers, maintaining business processes, and supporting your employees more efficiently. Updating Unified Communication for your enterprise brings mobility, availability, and better solutions for enhanced team engagement.