SMG1000 helps operators to improve operational efficiency

Products:SMG1000 Series gateway

OBD system is getting more prevalent and has been involved in vertical markets, such as insurance, precious metals trading,promotions of real estate projects, and market survey. Management of OBD system is tending to be more sophisticated and automated, while KPI (Key Performance Indications) management is an efficient management method as well. Usually, calling system operators define and implement KPI according to analysis of operational goals. The failure/success rate of calling is a significant part in KPI evaluation. For OBD systems, all successful marketing activities are based on effective communication, so hardware and software of calling system are thought very critical by managers.

SMG1000 Analog Gateway allows for a well-planned, phased migration to an IP network, making the gateways an easy solution for enterprises looking to enhance their legacy PBX equipment with new VoIP access and applications. Connected between a PBX or a LAN, the SMG1000 Gateway converts analog PSTN messages into a format suitable for transmission over standard IP networks.

Built on field-proven technology and leveraging 20 years of experience in developing and integrating enterprise VoIP solutions,Synway spends effort to redefine the performance of analogy gateway. And Synway is always trying to solve some longstanding technical problems, such as Voice Detection in FXO Calling, Accuracy Of DTMF, High quality voice in any communication environment and communication reliability. Synway SMG1000 Analogy series VoIP gateway have been widely used in dispatching centre, IP-PBX and OBD system,


  • The Best Cost and Reduce OPEX by 50%

More HW/SW technologies are adopted to solve core technological problems, and which assures system ran efficiently in the endurable complex communication environments.

  • Excellent voice quality and telco-grade reliability

DSP-enabled voice optimization to assure crystal voice quality and system agility as well as maximize bandwidth efficiency;

  • Eliminate headaches in rival products

The performance and function can be renewed and updated by advanced synway-own technology, which including ensuring voice detection of FXO calling and DTMT accuracy, Comply with most platforms, Plug and Play .

  • High-speed response with minimum bandwidth

High-speed response and connectivity in the extreme network environments, with better run efficiency;

  • User-friendly GUI and central administration

Easy-to-use service Web based UI configuration and management tools could help accelerate service deployment and simplify platform management.

  • Customizability Satisfies all Specific Needs

Homegrown inherited soft-hard technology to renew and update performance and functionalities. More compact hardware architecture saves space and assures unparalleled power consumption and cost;

Functional Description:
It is generally known that for voice communication, analog communication underperforms digital communication, regarding to communication quality, anti-interference performance, and encryption, due to its over-simplicity. Analog communication often is affected by noises from outside environments and the communication system itself. It is hard to split signals from the noises, resulting in poor communication quality. To overcome these shortcomings, Synway SMG1000 adopts unique state-of-art hardware, 128 ms echo processing (G.168), QoS, CNG, ToS, dynamic jitter elimination, dedicated built-in voice processing chipsets. Along with Synway’s years of software expertise, exclusive anti-interference algorithm of communication signal, automatic balancing of IP resources and overload protection, the consumption of IP resources is minimized, ensuring the voice is clear and secure, improving the voice quality maximally.

In product design, the R&D engineers in Synway pays close attention to each finest detail, striving to develop SMG1000 FXO/FXS gateway with excellent user experience, high stability and high quality. Based on Synway’s integrated design philosophy for communication devices, SMG1000 has a user-friendly GUI to simplify gateway configuration and operation. Besides, the management interface displays connectivity status via expressions and figures (not voltage).

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