Call Classification Functionality Makes Dialing and Telemarketing More Cost Effective and efficient

Built into Synway’s SMG3000 series VoIP gateways, call classification is vital for all high density OBD applications, including predictive dialing, dialer, telemarketing and more. It helps minimize dialing cost and maximize value of dialing (human and network) resources. With call classification, OBD applications could improve dialing efficiency by up to 60% and deliver high satisfaction for both agents and subscribers.
Key Points:

For Best Dialing Efficiency
With high-accuracy call classification features, Synway E1/T1 VoIP gateway (SMG3000 series, 1~64E1/T1) enables solution providers to maximize efficiency and minimize OPEX in a variety of outbound dialing systems, including Predictive Dialing, OBD, Call Center, Telemarketing, etc.

Detect Any Phone Status for Best Efficiency
To maximize dialing efficiency and deliver intelligent system, call classification functionality helps dialing customers detect and lock on valid calling numbers for hi-accuracy and hi-density dialing, via avoiding “invalid” numbers in “shutdown, suspended, unused number or any unavailable” status.

Improve Dialing Efficiency by up to 60%
 In general database of OBD systems, unused numbers accounts for 10~ 30%, suspended numbers for 5~ 20%, shutdown number for 5~10%. It means around 20~ 60% dialing numbers are invalid. With call classification function, dialing systems (predictive dialer) could filter out all invalid numbers for best dialing results.

Reduce Operational Expenditure (OPEX) by 20%
Unsuccessful dialing incurs higher operational costs while labor cost for telemarketing is specifically considered. According to analytical statistics from surveys, OPEX could be reduced by 20% or more if successful dialing ratio increases by 60%.

99.999% Accuracy of Call Classification
With call classification functionality, over 99.999% of called number states could be accurately detected by analyzing telephone alert tones. Only in much noise conditions over the network, call classification may default.

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