SBO500 Transcoding Gateway
  • Support Complete DSP-enabled Transcoding Range

  • Highly Efficient Coding & Decoding IP/TDM Network

  • Support 500-Port of Transcoding Capability per Unit

With the popularity of IP communications, increasing need for transcoding between various protocols and coding formats becomes more important. Large-capacity VoIP applications call for high efficient transcoding functionality. Normally, designated hardware-enabled transcoding equipment, not software-based, would be the best option for high demanding VoIP carrier. 

To address the transcoding issue, Synway’s hardware-based SBO transcoding gateway could help VoIP operators achieve multiple transcoding in IMS or PSTN network.

SBO adopts 1U standard design and built in LINUX OS based upon POWERPC+DSP hardware infrastructure. Each chasis supports dual Ethernet interfaces. With transcoding, routing, number filtering, number transformation and other functionalities, SBO serves as the perfect connectivity point between IP network and any IP devices.

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Compliance with diverse protocols

Supports SIP signaling protocols: SIP V1.0/2.0, the RFC3261); diverse codecs: G.711A, G.711U, G.729, G723, G722, AMR, iLBC DTMF mode RFC2833, SIP info, INBAND; Network protocols: TCP / UDP, HTTP, ARP/ RARP, DNS, NTP, TFTP, Telnet, STU.

User-friendly GUI

With web-based management software, you can administrate and configure the SBO gateway remotely and check running status, call statistics, call routing, etc.

Optimize Communication Efficiency 

Process large capacity voice forwarding and up to 500 concurrent IP transcoding, ensuring high efficiency for whole VoIP system. With SBO transcoding capability, systems could handle highly scalable surging calling traffic. With intelligent routing configurations, SBO could conduct flexible IP-IP routing in distributed or centralized communication system. 

Advanced Features for Different Network Environments

Supports dual Ethernet interface for telecom redundancy. With number transformation and filtering functionality, SBO could remove the head or end of number, or add a prefix or suffix, while needed.

Embedded Infrastructure, Crystal Clear Voice Quality

Introducing embedded hardware for transcoding, as well as Telco-grade echo cancellation technology to ensure HD voice quality. SBO gateway also embraces dual power for redundancy.