Vision & Mission

Synway commits to the following values to help customers win:

Best cost: 

Synway makes all efforts to deliver ambitious pricing for CTI solution providers to maintain customers' cost advantages in any project bidding and channel expansion while simultaneously maintaining product reliability and quality support. Synway claims that extraordinary cost strategies can ensure the best cost advantage for enterprise solution developers and service provider developers anytime and anywhere.

The widest range of robust products: 

Synway distinguishes itself from rivals through "next-generation" technologies. Basing upon its long-established unmatched expertise in design, Synway is the first who offers non-stop-purchase solutions for SP developers and enterprise solution providers: from its complete range of logging hardware and IP&TDM board, to its new-generation integrated multimedia switch platform and Asterisk-based IP-PBX& gateway appliance. 

Best support: 

A market-centric entity, Synway leverages its synergic support systems and rich engineering competency to consistently deliver superior service and a high satisfaction rate for customers worldwide. In the past two decades, Synway has consistently remain the highest retention rate.          

Why Select Synway?

Think of your personalized needs first: 

Synway's products integrate rich features and standard functions, but these can't possibly reflect the complete picture of an application environment and the personalized needs of its customers. Synway willingly stands by solution providers to confront their personalized challenges. Therefore, unlike some competitors, Synway doesn’t deliver standardization, but customization. 

Think about your performance:

About 1000 solution ever used or still are having installed Synway's hardware in past two decades (5millions of channels running now across the world), and product reliability has been strictly tested by a variety of end users from banking, Telco, BPO, government etc. 

Think big and long: 

Possessing a deep understanding of market changes and technological trends, Synway helps you to grow, focusing on a long-term vision. Satisfying customers' needs today is only a part of our commitment. We are also dedicated to your challenges of tomorrow, helping you sense changes and turn them into values.