Communications based on Artificial Intelligence, HMP, VoIP gateway, the future of customer contact center

In 2017, a lot of peers had analyzed the value of the artificial intelligence (AI) in the call center applications, indeed, AI technology is fundamentally changing the customer experience, and the process is just beginning at initial stage. In a 2016 global survey by Xerox, 42% of respondents predicted that the call center we knew would cease to exist by 2025. In fact, in the field of call center, it is inevitable that artificial intelligence should be carried out more deeply and steadily, because it will fundamentally improve the service efficiency and reduce the cost.

AI must be the protagonist of the future call center

Today's call center agents are completely different from ten years ago, when call center, a type of operational cost, only needed to answer call, check work status, implement CRM or ERP management. But now the call center has slowly transformed into business and customer contact site, an important window for business and customer interaction, during which, today's contact center has evolved into one driving force for corporate profitability.
Previously, customers basically communicated with the business through the telephone, but now customers can communicate with the enterprise through social media, instant messaging, video conferencing, internet chat and email. Imagine how a human agent can do all this? They can't unless hiring has more costly human power. This is why many firms have been using artificial intelligence (AI) technology, such as having customer service robots assume the work of contact Center for interaction with customers. Gartner predicts that by 2020, 85% of customer interactions will no longer be handled by humans. The application of artificial intelligence in enterprise communication will be popularized gradually.

Synway’s HMP and VoIP gateway products, will promote the application of artificial intelligence in enterprise customer service

Synway’s HMP Multimedia processing software, can efficiently handle each kind of complex voice application, the user may quickly build the call Center Application platform (SYNHMP has 2400-way voice concurrent processing ability), Synway’s HMP SYNHMP and Artificial intelligence voice robot can be completely integrated in the same communication platform, mutual interaction, realizing robot Intelligent capability. Additionally, based on VoIP technology, Synway SMG VoIP Gateway and SBC can also play a vital role in expanding power of existing enterprise communications system as well as building next generation one.


In diverse application scenarios, AI firms, through artificial intelligence technology, will embed insurance, finance, loan, power, customer service, education and other industries into server with their respective multimedia logics to realize intelligent retrieval and output. In fact, the AI +HMP+ VoIP platform has greatly revolutionized contact center and made it more efficient, helping you quickly and accurately answer the customer's most frequently asked questions, which improves the customer experience.

AI can even help companies anticipate customer behavior and provide customer service with advice on how best to address specific issues. If AI +HMP +VOIP Gateway can improve the operation of the contact center, it will be win-win for customers and enterprises and become the future direction of enterprise communications system.