SMG4000 Wireless Gateway Delivers Unique "Burn After reading" FlashSMS Features for Synway’s Global Partners


More than 5 years ago, the fastest-growing and hottest application in the world was the Snapchat of the United States, which was "evaporate after reading"--no saving, no screenshots. You can permanently delete data from the server in 10 seconds. The number of Snapchat pictures each day in the year is 200 million, and overnight, Snapchat becomes one of the world's most popular software. And a few years later, the concept of “evaporate after reading", from the social entertainment platform extended to the field of communication, SMS also can realize "after reading is Burning", referring to Flash SMS.

About FlashSMS:

In the operator's wireless communication business, there is a business called "Flash letter"-Flash SMS, a relatively special message, which automatically jumps out directly appears on the terminal screen. After reading, the message will not automatically be saved, but disappears without a trace, like a flash, very funny and interesting, and popular among young communication players like.

How to Deliver Flash SMS Application Based On Synway’s Technologies

How to realize Flash SMS app is effortless with Synway’s SMG4000 series wireless gateway. Please also make sure two preconditions: network’s compliance with "Flash SMS" and indentify Flash SMS message characteristic.
Synway SMG4000 wireless gateway supports "Flash SMS". Through its management software, you can opt standard SMS or "Flash SMS", and this setting is very simple and easy of use, and enable application developers to achieve "Flash SMS" at fingertip and bring value to customers.

FlashSMS Brings New Business Opportunities for Developers and ISPs

Globally, there are a number of mobile networks that support the "Flash SMS" business, which not only brings new growth to the traditional wireless market, but also attracts a large audience of users to use the business. The perfect combination of entertainment and communication brings new profit points to the business. "Flash SMS" is not a message concept, but in the strong network platform, it has evolved into a form of service and entertainment