Please Contact Synway’s Technical and Sales Engineers Even in Chinese Spring Festival

Synway would be off from Feb 13th to Feb 24th, 2018 for China’s Lunar New Year, please use this contact info to reach our engineers (both commercial and technically)

If you need sales & commercial support, please send email or call your regional sales manager. If you need some technical support, please try to reach us via the following contact information, and we would reply you at your earliest convenience:

Commercial contact:

Asia Pacific:, Mobile: 0086-137-7742-9397

EMEA Region:  Mobile: 0086-137-7781-7709

Southern America: Mobile:0086-159-9003-5020

Northern America:  Mobile:0086-186-2689-0589

Technical contact:

Worldwide: or


Mobile: 0086-18905817070

We are looking forward to your support in the long run and we hope we can have better cooperation and make brilliant business in 2018.