Synway Launches Economical 2*Ports FXS Gateway to Help SMBs and Operators Save Cost Effectively

HANGZHOU, China/December 7, 2016 —Synway, a premium manufacturer and supplier of communication products headquartered in Hangzhou, China has introduced its economical SMG1002-2S(2 Ports*FXS) Gateway.

With a simple and economical way to help legacy telephone, fax machine and PBXs interconnect with IP network, Synway SMG1002-2S analog gateway enables call center and multi-branch enterprises to process powerful, versatile and efficient VoIP solutions with unparalleled cost advantages.

SMG1002-2S analog gateway is a new member of Synway SMG gateway family, it allows for a well-planned, phased migration to an IP network, making the gateways an easy solution for enterprises and operators looking to enhance their legacy PBX equipment with new VoIP access and applications. SMG1002-2S analog gateway is an ideal for Small and Medium Business requirements, bundling the following features:

  • Support 4 SIP Accounts and 2*FXS ports

  • Support SIP 2.0 (RFC3261) & SIP based RFC

  • Audio Codec:G.711A/u, G.7231 high/low, G.729

Supported SIP Applications:
Including Call Forwarding (Unconditional/No-Answer/Busy/ Transfer on Asking),Conference Call, Call Holding, Call Waiting, Call Pick-up, Hotline, Fast-Dial, Fast-dial-number configure, Call Barring, Interruption-Free, Caller ID, In/external Ringing, In/external Color Ringtone, etc.

For meeting various requirements of more customers, reducing cost is taken as key consideration during the development and designing process of SMG1002-2S. Moreover, it always keep excellent voice quality and telco-grade reliability in the endurable complex communication environments

Built on field-proven technology and leveraging 20 years of experience in developing and integrating enterprise VoIP solutions,Synway spends effort in redefining the performance of analogy gateway. And Synway is always trying to solve some longstanding technical problems, such as Voice Detection in FXO Calling, Accuracy Of DTMF, High quality voice in any communication environment.