As a leading Security and VoIP enabling-technologies provider in China, Synway has been partnered with applications & solution providers worldwide to deliver turkey solutions for enterprises, telecom carriers, intelligence, public security, law enforcement, etc. Based on long-standing business network, Synway’s products and service have served 3,000+ customers, including contact centers, financial institutes, public security, national safety agencies and more.

In ever-changeable environments, Synway’s long-term goal would be of partnership with vendors of security solution and unified communications, providing government agencies, enterprises and SPs with a complete range of supreme solutions, including VoIP Gateway, SBC, IP-PBX, Call Recording, Multimedia Processing & Signaling, Mobile Catcher and Localization System.

With over 2,000 employees, Synway possesses IPRs for all product portfolios in global markets, and has allocated 10-15% annual revenue into R & D and Technical Sourcing since 2005. For in-house IPR and better customer value, Synway provides strategic partners with customized OEM or ODM services to localize more efficiently. To achieve 0-defective rate, Synway has adopted ISO9001,CE,FCC,RoHS,3C and more since 2001.

Synway: help you flourish forever 

A leading player in the multimedia communications market, Synway has fundamental power to deliver multimedia and signaling technologies for service providers and enterprise solution providers to create the innovative service and applications. Decades of experience and market-oriented strategy has enabled Synway to not only deliver cutting-edge products, but provide its partners with competency to rapidly and economically deploy value-added solutions in the continued evolutions. 

Committed to creating values beyond tomorrow for its partners, Synway has advanced to be a leading provider of modern communications technology, with its complete range of open-standard products helping developers to deploy pioneering IP, TDM, mobile and video solutions in multiple levels of integration in legacy and new generation networks. 

Synway has done business with thousands of applications developers, value-added service providers and system integrators in 50 countries, with 10million-plus channels installation. More and more enterprises are adopting communications solutions compliant with Synway’s technologies, and Synway’s components are also deployed in carrier networks across North America and Asian Countries. Working for customer values, Synway will commit to being the best vendor in convergence communications industry.

Most valuable partner for service providers and enterprise solution providers

Synway partners with service providers to explore rapid, cost-efficient, and high-accessibility delivery of value-added services in today’s evolution of technology. To reassure service providers’ growth, Synway offers an array of open-standard IP & TDM compliant hardware and software components, including versatile and field-proven multimedia gateways, integrated multimedia switch and build-in signaling protocols software to cater to various needs. These products are perfect for building scalable, robust service (voice/data/video) platforms, which include unified messaging, WAP, CRBT, SMS and other innovative value-added services in complex wireless and wireline networks.

Enterprise solution providers have to supply more cost effective and user-friendly solutions for enterprise market segment. By offering versatile multimedia gateways with high interoperability with leading PBXs, as well as a range of TDM and IP boards with rich media processing and built-in signaling protocol software, Synway continue to deliver high-performance, cost-efficient components for call center, unified messaging, and IVR systems in hybrid TDM&IP enterprise networks. Synway’s flexible IP and TDM hardware and software building blocks enable enterprise customers to connect the latest IP communications technology with their legacy applications and services.

Easily Accessible and Highly Efficient Support 

Our dedicated and customer-oriented technical support team has consistently created unique and unparalleled customer experience throughout the entire product lifecycle, from consultancy to development and maintenance. As the continuous growth engine, Synway’s experts have helped over 1000 applications developers and system integrators rapidly and efficiently deploy cutting-edge enterprise and value-added solutions for service providers, operators and enterprise customers.