Synway Device Cloud-Based Management System (DCMS), based on the Internet, is used for monitoring, maintenance and debugging for Synway’s VoIP gateways on the field. It helps users leverage Synway’s products efficiently and unfailingly, as well as improves controllability and manageability over entire communication systems.

Key Points:
Optimize and balance resources utilization in the large-scalability system;
Monitor run status of devices, and maintain and debug remote devices;
Surveillance over device status, dialing statistics and software versions;
Management capability for more than 10,000 devices in multiple systems;
Improve users’ controllability and manageability on the field or on site;
Send alert and warning messages by Email, Instant messaging and SMS;

Key Features and Benefits:
Real-Time Monitoring of VoIP Gateway Status
DCMS is a unified management platform developed by Synway to manage all Synway’s VoIP gateways remotely, providing centralized monitoring and management over Synway VoIP gateways in the networks.

Management Capability for More Than 10,000 Devices
DCMS could monitor over 10,000 SMG series VoIP gateways simultaneously, but it just consumes less than 10% CPU processing capability for registration and connectivity procedures.

DCMS Features Cloud-based Management Capability
Two types of cloud-based management modes are delivered by DCMS: public cloud mode managing devices online through public cloud platform, and private cloud mode in which DCMS users could implement Synway’s dedicated software for devices management.

Superior Network Access Traversal (NAT) Capability
DCMS possesses automatic NAT traversal capability, and need not configure port mirroring setting while building up connection between intranet and internet, or between any networks.

Relevant Allocation of Communication Resources
DCMS could improve operational and maintenance efficiency and optimize communication resources for users. In large-scalability communications systems, DCMS could reasonably and effectively allocate communication resources to better fit to specific application scenarios, helping users build VoIP communication system with minimum CAPEX and OPEX.

If you need the DCMS to manage all Synway’s VoIP gateways in the network, please use this link to download PDF
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