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Synway’s achievement simply bases on continuous improvement of product quality and program-focused management, both of which are original from customers’ demands and efficient synergy between customers and Synway. Program-focused management enables Synway to become a non-boundary and across-organizational corporation who simply cater to your needs.

Synway designs a wide range of hardware and software building blocks for developers and system integrators in a variety of telephony applications including VAS, IVR, call recording, with extraordinary cost advantages and recognizable performance. Products for use in enterprise and carrier platform incorporate both digital access capability and media processing resources in PSTN and IP environments to ensure scalability and cost efficiency for users in the commoditization age.

Synway’s technologies include multi-media processing, fax, conferencing, echo cancellation, Codecs, signaling capability (CAS/SS7/ISDN/MFR2/SIP), and the widest range of products integrated into leading solutions. These technologies and related products have offered recognizable reliability and scalability and been used by thousands of enterprise solution developers and Telco solution providers around the world.

VoIP Gateway
Synway VoIP gateway family helps customers access to IP networks from legacy telephony applications more reliably and efficiently. Our Field-proven SS7 signaling technology possesses unparalleled and seamless interoperability with any complex network environments, which exponentially reduces your investment and time to market under any uncertain situations. With world-class voice optimization technologies, it offers subscribers crystal voice quality with analog / digital for option and can support up to 16E1/T1 in a compact 1 U chassis.
UMCT Integrated Multimedia Switch Platforms
Synway UMCT integrated multimedia switch platforms are open programmable platforms with integrated multimedia processing and signaling capabilities. In addition to rich media resources, the switch platforms help bridge existing wired and wireless networks with IP networks, and integrate for IP (SIP and H.323) / TDM (SS7/ISDN/CAS) / mobility protocols with IVR, fax, conferencing, compression, echo cancellation and other media processing resources.

Call Logging Board
Synway offers the broadest range of call recording hardware platforms. For two decades Synway has consolidated its position as a leading international call recording hardware solution vendor. Having worked with our products over time, our clients have helped Synway achieve: the most diverse product ranges, greatest scalability, greatest compliance with multi-protocols and multi-networks, and the most installations in Asia and Europe.

  IP & TDM Board
Synway’s IP & TDM boards consist of three product lines: SHN series for IP network, SHD series for E1/T1/J1 digital network, and SHT series with analog interface. Besides a complete range of media resources, such as fax, conferencing, compression, echo cancellation for voice enhancement, they also combine various built-in signaling protocol software packets, which include SIP, H.323, SS7 (ISUP/TCAP/TUP/MTP), ISDN variants, CAS and more. 
Asterisk Hardware
Synway open source family includes four product lines: FXM series analog telephony boards, TEJ series digital telephony boards, CDC series boards for transcoding, chassis-based Asterisk appliance. The open-source family reassures high interoperability, voice quality and robustness. All these Asterisk hardware platforms adopt Synway’s patent-pending echo cancellation technology SuPerForm(128ms echo tail).
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