IoT Data Transmission Unit
  • Transparent data transmission in TCP and UDP modes

  • Intelligent off-line detection, automatic reconnection

  • WDT watchdog design & FreeRTOS OS for high reliability

Synway IoT wireless communications products, including DTU products and data transmission module. The DTU products are industrial-grade wireless data transmission equipment, supporting 4G/3G/2G protocols and a range of wireless network standards: GPRS/WCDMA/TDSCDMA /LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD. The Synway DTU device can provide users with TCP and UDP wireless long-distance data transmission.

It has been widely applied in urban distribution network automation, water supply, gas pipeline automation, commercial POS, finance, transportation, intelligent control, as well as LED information release system, stock, finance, transportation, public security information release, etc.

Key Values

Synway is committed to providing diversified enterprise communication products and Internet of Things products to customers around the world. Its products and services cover telecom operations, enterprise communications, call centers, recording monitoring, wireless communications, VoIP, AI artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and intelligence. Various industries and applications, such as cities, extend the intelligent information interaction mode of voice, video, data, etc. to machine-to-machine, human-to-machine, machine-to-person and other application scenarios, providing reliable wireless communication for various application scenarios of customers. Products and solutions to help customers become more competitive.


  • R200 Industrial Router
    • Complete Protocols Range

    • High Voice Optimization Capability

    • High Flexibility and Scalability

  • Wireless Industrial Router
    • Wired network splicing SIM card 4G network to achieve Internet access

    • Wifi terminal device to connect router hot spot bridge SIM card 4G to achieve Internet access function

    • Support network: GSM, WCDMA, C...

  • IoT Data Transmission Unit (4G)
    • Transparent LTE 4G data transmission in TCP/UDP modes

    • Intelligent off-line detection, automatic reconnection

    • WDT watchdog design & FreeRTOS OS for high reliability

  • IoT Data Transmission Module
    • Industrial architecture for various application environments

    • Built-in HW/SW watchdog, no crash, no disconnection

    • High Speed Wireless Communication and Large Data Buffer