Recording Server
Stand-alone call recording solution for SMBs
  • Stand-alone Passive Call Recording Solution for SMBs

  • For up to 24 Analog Channels & 8 E1 in Single System

  • Include All Call Recording Standard/Enhanced Features

Specially designed for niche marketplaces (not For US clients),Synway's recording Server is stand-alone call recording solutions for small or medium-scalability enterprises in TDM network. This server possesses web-based interface feature for users to configure logging modes and search logging files, so they could set up audio monitoring system effortlessly in any (analog/digital) network environment.

Key Values

With over 20 years’experience in telecommunications market, Synway’solutions are winning more and more recognition by both service providers and enterprise deployments. These solutions are based upon Synway’s field-proven VoIP technology and wide product range which includes digital and analog gateways, multimedia switch SPBX, industry-leading voice boards and a diverse suite of Telecom hardware and IP communications.This server introduces reliable PowerPC built-in application software to lower power consumption and ensure superior voice quality under high demanding environments.

  • DTP800 Call Recording Server
    • Support bidirectional recording for 1~8E1/T1 interface

    • Support the global protocols with high interoperability

    • Support DSP-based compression coding format

  • ATP2410(24chs)
    • Support bidirectional recording for 4/8/16/24 analog ports

    • Comply with global analog lines with high interoperability

    • Standalone passive call recording solutions with full Features