VoIP Gateway & SBC
Seamless bridge between VoIP & TDM Networks
  • Telco-grade Redundancy

  • Enhanced Voice Optimization

  • Multiple Interfaces for Option

With over 20 years’experience in telecommunications market, Synway’solutions are winning more and more recognition by both service providers and enterprise deployments. These solutions are based upon Synway’s field-proven VoIP technology and wide product range which includes digital and analog gateways, multimedia switch SPBX, industry-leading voice boards and a diverse suite of Telecom hardware and IP communications.

Providing 24*7 support for industry standard protocols such as SIP, and seamless interoperability with all major softswitches, PBXs, IP-PBXs and unified communications platforms, Synway delivers creative and competitive solutions for any complex network environment, offering reduced total cost of ownership, enhanced features and superior voice quality.

Key Values

Synway is a VoIP technology market leader specialized in Telecom hardware and IP communications and its products are deployed globally in Broadband, Mobile, Enterprise networks. Since 1990s, Synway has always committed to deliver useful and inspiring innovation. Numberous solution providers have benefited from Synway’s widest product portfolios, and applied Synway’s signaling and media processing technologies into Unified Messaging, Call Center, SIP Trunking, Soft Switching, etc.


Thanks to the past two years’ continuous efforts, Synway finally made a huge breakthrough and brought out a whole new package of VoIP solutions. Our VoIP gateway, different than rivals, not just for its high cost advantages, but relies more on the easy-to-use, customizable and Plug-And-Play capabilities. We are proud of our world-class voice optimization technologies, which ensures seamless interoperability under any complex network environments and also makes the VoIP gateway an ideal option for system integrators and software developers.

  • SIM Bank
    • 1U height, 19-inch chassis

    • Embedded Linux system, and upgraded on remote

    • SIMcloud is software based on PC or server Simserver

  • SMG3064R VoIP E1/T1 Gateway
    • Compact 1U form factor for 64E1/T1-SIP

    • Compliant With SS7/ISDN/R2/SIP Globally

    • Hi-Accuracy For Call Classification for Channels

  • SBC500(Session Border Controller)
    • Dedicated DSP and Processor Chipsets for 0~500Chs Transcoding

    • Decades of Field-Proven Technologies for Highest Level of Security

    • Standardize Diverse Proprietary SIP protocols in Global Networks

    • Support I...

  • UNIWAY2100 Hybrid VoIP Gateway
    • Reliable X86 framework, double CPU and data storage are available

    • Interface with FXO, FXS, T1, E1, GSM, CDMA, 3G, VoLTE, IP

    • Optional inbuilt server, support multi-devices integration

  • SMG1000 FXS/FXO Gateway
    • Support 2~32FXS/FXO Ports, Field Approved Globally

    • Superior Voice Quality by Designated DSP Chipsets

    • User-Friendliness and Web-based Administration

  • SMG2000L E1/T1 Gateway
    • Support 1/2 E1(T1 Optional)in Mini Size

    • Support SIP and SS7/ISDN/R2/CAS and More

    • Superior Voice Quality and Reliability in Full Load

    • Only 30mm*190mm *120mm(High*Wide*Deep)