Remote Terminal Unit(RTU)
  • Data acquisition, transmission and intelligent control over IoT devices

  • Support a range of cellular networks like GSM, WCDMA and LTE 4G

  • High reliability, cloud-based, high-performance embedded processor

RTU S3A23 transmission unit, is a type of industrial-grade remote wireless data transmission equipment, supporting 4G LTE, 3G and 2G wireless network. These wireless protocols include GPRS/WCDMA/TDSCDMA/LTE-FDD/LTE-TDD.

RTU adopts industrial-grade ARM processor, real-time operating system as its software platform. With high capacity RAM and embedded MQTT protocol, online maintenance technology, Synway's RTU assures the data terminal online, smooth data transmission and achieve high-speed and reliable data transmission.

The cloud management platform is the software management platform for monitoring and operating S3A23 devices. Synway RTU S3A23 is connected to the cloud administration platform via the MQTT interface and reports the data to center. The platform helps to acquire real-time device data, store it to the database, and synchronize among users. The cloud platform can obtain and send the configuration data of the device on remote.

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Key Features and Benefits

Industrial Grade Design  

  • Industrial-grade design with high-performance embedded processors

  • Support dual data center backup, and simultaneous data receptions in 4 data centers

  • High RAM and TCP/IP stacks with Synway's own intellectual property rights

  • For data acquisition, data transmission and intelligent control over IoT devices

  • Support remote online maintenance technology to ensure 24X7 operation & connectivity

  • High-speed, stable and reliable TCP/UDP transparent data transfer

  • Support voice, SMS, data trigger mode and automatic timeout disconnect

  • Minimize data stream and power consumption for high efficiency

  • Supports designated sampling cycles to fit into diverse acquisition scenarios

  • Trigger SMS alarm at defined threshold and give out honk alarm

  • Export captured data by software configuration and download data on remote

  • Support built-in Lithium battery power supply for data security in power-off

  • Directly trigger alert signal by RTU on the field

  • Support for local SD card expansion

High-reliability and Robustness

  • WDT watchdog design to ensure system stability

  • Adopt FreeRTOS system for high stability and reliability

  • Intelligent off-line detection, automatic reconnection and data transmit

  • SIM/USIM built-in 15KV ESD protection, 1.8V/3V push-rod SIM card interface

  • RS232/RS485 interface built-in 15KV ESD protection P

  • Power interface built-in reverse protection and overvoltage protection

  • Metal shell(IP67 class) protection suitable for a variety of industrial applications

Cloud-Based Platform

  • Add on and remove RTU, check and change RTU information

  • Real-time monitor data or changeable data in defined cycles

  • Real-time detect RTU parameters include: flash, signal, voltage, temperature and humidity to assure RTU performance on remote

  • Configure sensors and help them restart on remote

  • Remote control operating mode of RTU, log upload frequency and other parameters

  • Support firmware upgrade on remote