• 8~64 E1/T1/J1 available

  • Flexible configuration for any network 

  • Compliant with Asterisk

Synway UMCT series SSW080A is an open programmable, integrated multimedia switch platform with multimedia processing signaling capabilities. Each system based on signle 6U SSW080A can scale up to 1920 TDM/IP voice channels.

Synway UMCT series SSW080A is an open programmable, integrated multimedia switch platform with multimedia processing and signaling capabilities. In addition to rich media resources, the switch platform helps bridge existing wired and wireless networks with IP networks, and integrates for IP (SIP and H.323)/TDM (SS7/ISDN/CAS)/mobility protocols with IVR, fax, conferencing, compression, echo cancellation and other media processing resources. The applications which can be deployed with UMCT series SSW080A, include call center, IVR, unified messaging, fax, conferencing, SMS, CRBT, video in enterprise and service provider networks. Each system based on single 6U SSW080A can scale between 240 and 1,920 TDM voice channels (between 120 and 960 IP voice channels or between 2 and 128 FXO/FXS channels).

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A total of four slots, three of whom are optional modules mountable

Support 1~8 units of IP media processing & signaling modules(each optional module for 120 channels) 

Support 1~8 units of media processing & signaling modules(each optional module for 8E1/T1/J1 ports) 

Support 1~8 units of FXO/FXS/Logging modules(each optional module for 16 FXO/FXS channels) 

Support 1~8 units of Asterisk-based FXO/FXS modules(each optional module for 32 channels)


Configure for 8~64 E1/T1/J1 ports per chassis (240~1,920Chs)

Configure from 2~128 FXO/FXS/Logging channels per chassis

240~1,920Chs TDM voice resources per chassis

120~960 ports IP voice resources per platform

Support up to 96 64K SS7 signaling links

Support hot swappable and module-based expansion

High-performance cooling system

Telco-grade redundancy

Key features and benefits

Integrate convergence & CTI solutions

Besides conventional voice and data communication, UMCT enables VAS provider and enterpriser solution developer to deliver all business modules together, including email, SMS, fax, conferencing, and video.

Rugged, Telco-grade architecture

Embraces all of major PBX specifications: TDM, IP or Asterisk modules support hot swappable, and could be changed or replaced over the front (or) back panel, with no need to open UMCT cover.

Flexible configuration for any network 

Compliant with diverse (TDM, IP, Asterisk) modules to interface with TDM (FXO, FXS, T1, E1, J1) or IP network, high-Impedance logging modules; support various multimedia processing capability (conferencing, fax, video, compression and SuPerForm echo cancellation for voice enhancement) and an array of protocols(SS7, ISDN PRI, CAS, R1, R2, Mobility).

Adjustable capacity for customized needs

6U UMCT platform enables 8~64E1/T1/J1 ports, 2~96 FXO/FXS channels, and 120~960 IP channels; Via Synway's channel bank (a special device), all digital T1/E1/J1 lines could be converted to analog channels.

Carrier-grade reliability

Special power system with standby redundancy; advanced cooling system to reassure long-standing robustness; special air cleaner to protect against dust accumulation inside chassis; inside temperature control and alert system; No need to change wiring when changing functional modules as backplane's wiring outlet is separate from backplane's functional-module slots.

Processing capability powered by Intel 

Adopt Intel(R) X86, the Mini-ITX industrial embedded platform as host control unit (main board) to execute high-capacity, high-complexity applications.

Perfect and robust engineering design

The motherboard has optional 4.3 inches WVGA(800*480) TFT LCD; UMCT series 6U chassis could be mounted on workstation, rack, or wall; Support diverse interfaces(port) on the rear panel , including RJ11, RJ48T, RJ45, RJ45(POE), DB25, USB, etc.

Compliant with your applications and Asterisk

The UMCTseries are compliant with any applications based on all of Synway庐 SynCTI driver development kit, and all applications running on Synway's voice boards could be effortlessly migrated to UMCT platform; and it also even support any category of Asterisk-based open source software.