Function boards

The SCU series switch control unit serves as the computer’s mainboard unit for a UMCT switch, applicable to SSW020A, SSW030A, SSW080A and SSW080B. Together with the appropriate RCU outlet board, it constitutes the basic working unit of UMCT. Below is the purchasing guide for you.

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Functions & Features

Equipped with the industrial COM Express CPU Module and the common used PC extension interfaces, to realize most functions of a PC.

Applicable to the SSW020A, SSW030A, SSW080A and SSW080B UMCT intelligent switches.

Installed with DDRII or DDRIII memory.

SCU03, SCU03-3, SCU06(2.0) and SCU07 support RAID 0 and RAID 1.

Offers abundant choices of PC interfaces, supplying more than 6 USB interfaces, front and rear VGA display interfaces, 2 Ethernet interfaces, as well as audio interfaces on the outlet board.

No connect wires with the machine, easy to install and maintain.

The industrial COM Express module, of advanced technology, stable performance and strong adaptability to environment, facilitates upgrading.

The feature of hot-swap protection assures no damage to the mainboard during hot plugging.

Able to provide various and flexible combinations of interfaces for different RCU boards.

SCU03, SCU03-3, SCU06(2.0) and SCU07 support the RAID 0 and RAID 1 features, improving the HD speed and the data safety.

Supports most of the mainstream operating systems, satisfying the requirements of different users.

Supports all the applications based on the SynCTI driver platform as well as some open source software and applications like Asterisk.

Adopts the standard notebook CPU, memory and hard disk, facilitating subsequent upgrade and maintenance.