T1/E1 Recording Server
  • Support bidirectional recording for 1~8E1/T1 interface

  • Support the global protocols with high interoperability

  • Support DSP-based compression coding format

In order to adapt to the global demand for diverse market segments, Synway recently released DTP800 series, which combines over 20 years expertise in the recording field with accumulated hardware and software development experience. It is mainly applicable to passively tap and monitor E1/T1 lines in PSTN environment. The system is highly stable and reliable, and users can query, play out and monitor the device through network settings. Other main features include data backup in diverse servers, account management, the Web browsing and administration over the recording file and so on.

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Key Features and Values:

  • 1U height, standard rack design

  • support bidirectional recording for 1~8E1/T1 interface

  • support the global protocols with high interoperability

  • support DSP-based compression coding format

  • web-based recording system management software

  • support recording data storage, query and real-time monitoring

Call recording, as a basic function of communication system, has its tangible value and been widely used. At present, Synway has the world's most complete production range, including: Analog passive recording, E1/T1 passive recording, digital phoneset passive recording, VoIP recording and others.

Support multiple protocols and recording modes
DTP800 supports 8 E1/T1 ports at maximum, a range of protocols such as SS1, SS7 (Tup, ISUP), ISDN signaling call status analysis and voice signal analysis, and can be configured for inbounding recording, outbound recording, and mixed in/outbound ones.

Support multiple speech coding formats
DTP800 supports DSP-based a-law (g. 711), Μ-law, IMA-ADPCM, GSM, MP3 and G. 729A format coding, and software processing -linear PCM, VOX format Codecs. It can adapt to any recording environment in the world for short time to market.

Adopt hi-impedance multiplexing mode
DTP800 supports high impedance, and does not affect the normal operation of the system. And DTP800 has a strong signal adaptive ability, and can tap into line at any point to monitor call conversation.

Have recording data storage, query function
DTP800 supports recording data storage, query function, exporting data report. With 2T data hard disk, it can work in uninterruptive 96 days. Recording data can also be stored offsite over the network.