Wireless Radio Recording SDK
  • Monitor, Analyze and Record data Over Wireless Radio

  • Customizable for Various Dispatch Consoles & Radio Signals

  • High Transition Capability Between VoIP and Radio Data

Synway has designed its newest product SynRoIP, pure software, to support Radio wireless recording. The emergence of Voice over IP (VoIP) technology has led to a convergence of radio and IP communications. It is now possible to bridge disparate radio networks using existing IP infrastructure with radio.As for transition between VOIP and radio RTP and signaling, Synway software has unique advantages, including high adaptivity and flexibility. VOIP is a very widely adopted and reliable technology, and synway decades of technologies are able to convert various proprietary radio signals to VOIP signals &voice effectively and reliably.

In the dispatching and other coordination applications, Mobile wireless PPT devices have been increasingly adopted. synway`s products SynROIP, compliant with Radio protocols, has seamless compatibility with most types of radio devices and Terminal control device for dispatching manufacturer, such as Motorola, Harris and Telex, which creat more market opportunities for developers and system intergrators worldwide. Utilizing Synway's Unified Development Platform, SynRoIP can be migrated to any software platform of all Synway’s other product family.

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Key Points:

  • Support diverse general dispatching consoles

  • Customizable for different control consoles and wireless Radio signals

  • Powerful Transition Capability between VOIP and Radio signals

  • Support a complete range of VOIP protocols, including voice and signals

  • Pure software, easy to develop and manage, with shorter time to market

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Diverse consoles brands compliant
    SynROIP recording are compatible with most mainstream consoles, including Motorola, Harris, Telex, and more. It is customizable while needed.

  • Console and Endpoint Metadata option
    Captures and displays endpoint identities and detailed activities; Metadata and related events are displayed in screen; Filter and find recording by using metadata search tags.

  • No distance limitation
    RoIP recording could extend your radio signals anywhere if there is an IP connection, the distance is not limited by radio frequency.

  • Distributed Architecture
    Effectively resolve the resource limitation if the number of recording resources is restricted, making capacity expansion easy.

  • Various Encoding Formats
    Offers a large selection of encoding formats for storage, including A-Law, μ-Law, ADPCM, PCM16, MP3, GSM; Supports Standard WAV File,the files can be edited and played out by audio tools such as Cooledit.

  • Various RTP Decoding Formats
    Support a variety of RTP decoding formats, such as A-Law, μ-Law, ADPCM, G.729ab, etc; and it also supports Memory Recording

  • Flexible Authorization Strategy
    This software is authorized by USB KEY with a unique serial number. Users may specify the number of authorized channels or upgrade on site.

  • Synway’s Unified Development Platform
    Synway owns the intellectual property rights for the unified high-intelligence SynCTI driver development platform. This software can be used with other Synway products in a single environment

Typical applications for Radio over IP recording

  • Aviation, on-field operations

  • Utilities – electricity, gas, water

  • Manufacturing – plant operations

  • Public safety – police, fire