PCM32 Lines Tapping Board
  • Passively Tap PCM32 Lines For Call Recording APP

  • Half-Length Cards with Configurable 64/128 Channels

  • Dedicated DSPs for Decoding/Encoding, Start/Stop Modes

The Synway PCM1280E and PCM640E recording boards are designed especially for PCM32 lines. The former supports voice recording concurrently on up to 128 channels while the latter supports voice recording concurrently on up to 64 channels.


A single board supports the recording of up to 4 (PCM1280E) or up to 2 (PCM640E) PCM32 lines

Half-length board, with PCIe bus

Supports transparent transmission and one-way input of voice signals

Shows the synchronization status, gives the signal alarm, and offers the line indicators

Uses RJ45 connectors

Two input modes-- 120Ω AC and high impedance (≥1000Ω AC)—are alternative via software configuration for each PCM32 line

Uses the on-line frame sync signals for input

Activity/silence detection

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PCIe Bus Support

Using the design of PCIe X1, supports PCIe X1, X2, X4, X8 and X16 slots.

DMA Transfer Support

The DMA transfer of recording data does not cost any of host CPU resources, which fully enlarges the recording capacity of a single board.

Available RJ45 Connector with Yellow/Green Bi-colour LED

This board adopts the widely used RJ45 connector, making connection easy and malfunctions rare. With the different ranges of the bi-color LED, it can indicate various line states.

Recording of On-line Source Code Stream

When using the board, any problem found on the monitored line can be located and settled as soon as possible via remote debugging with the cooperation of users.

High-impedance Recording

The recording impedance is over 1KΩ AC, ruling out interruption on transmission of monitored signals.

Instantly-upgradeable Hardware Circuit

Using instantly-upgradeable hardware circuits helps the debugging for abnormal situations.

Unique Hardware Serial Number

Each board has a unique hardware serial number written in the firmware to distinguish itself from other boards and prevent piracy. The number is available via an easy function call with applications.

Authorization Code Identification Circuit

The on-board authorization code identification circuit is designed for software safety. Users can apply to our company for the authorization code.

Synway’s Unified SynCTI Driver Development Platform

Synway owns the intellectual property rights for the unified high-intelligence SynCTI driver development platform. Each system supports up to 128 or 64 channels.