Faxing Processing Board
  • Processing Faxing in Analog or Computer Terminal

  • DSP-Empowered for Faxing Processing, 4Chs Per Board

  • Widely Used In Legacy Call Center & Faxing Networks

The Synway CTI Series SHF-4D/PCIe is the 4-channel analog fax board with PCI Express bus. It is designed with a smart appearance and a flexible strucutre, providing excellent faxing and voice processing capabilities. With the selectable modules, you can customize systems to what you want. The 2U height and the half-length desgin it has minimize the space to install in a chassis so the most common main frames you find in daily life are big enough to hold them.

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Any Synway’s products portfolios adopt flexible architecture, and their built-in resource could be freely configured to support audio, faxing, conferencing, and recording applications and match practical requirements. Moreover, Synway also applies dedicated faxing technologies into its products, not only assuring high speed transaction (up to 33.6kbps), but also delivering high accuracy transaction rate (up to 99.99%) in normal telephony environments. 


A single SHF-4D/PCIe board can be installed with at most 2 dual-channel modules and support 4 voice or fax channels 

Support of the modem standards V.34, V.17, V.29, V.27ter and V.21, the rate up to 33.6kbps which can be reduced on the self-adaptive bas is, and the V.8 modem negotiation protocol 

Support ring-alert for external calls 

Station phones on-hook/off-hook detection 

Direct connection between trunk and station keeps call uninterrupted during power outage 

Calling party info (Caller ID) detection/transmission, DTMF and FSK support 

Activity/silence detection 

Automatic Gain Control (AGC) support in recording operation 

DTMF transmission and detection 

Board TDM support 

Automatic line voltage detection 

Automatically checks the board to determine the number and type of modules on the board 

Each board has a unique hardware serial number written in the firmware to distinguish itself from other boards and prevent piracy. The number is available via an easy function call with applications 

The on-board authorization code identification circuit is designed for software safety. Users can apply to our company for the authorization code 

The on-board lightning-proof circuit reaches the telecom standard and eliminates the damage caused by the lightning 

Support 16ms echo cancellation 


PCI 2.2 Bus Support

Includes PCI 2.2 bus with 32/64-bit PCI slot and 3.3V/5V slot voltage; operable on device platforms which support PCI-X.

Module Configurable

The on-board dual-channel modules can be freely arranged in pairs or groups for various complex.


The on-board RJ11 jack can connect directly to telephone lines, making connection easy and malfunctions rare.


The power is supplied by PCI slot, eliminating the need for external power source.


Rear projection indicators. We make use of the gaps between RJ11 jacks and the light-admitting quality of the jack to hide the indicators behind the RJ11 jacks. Such design not only ensures the neatness of the board, but also allows you to get the module type and errors in running without opening the main frame.

Programmable Tone Detector

Detects single or dual tones at any frequency, offering facility for use with a variety of PBXes and key telephone systems.

Professional Driver Algorithm

Uses SPECDial - a professional driver algorithm - to perform a complete automatic dial process through analog lines, accurately identifies called-party statuses and precisely distinguishes an answering machine from a fax machine that is responding at the remote end.

Echo Cancellation

The self-adaptive echo cancellation feature effectively eliminates echoes under various conditions, which cancels out the effect of voice playback on DTMF and busy tones detection, avoids self-excited oscillation and howling, and minimizes the possibility of registering wrong DTMF and busy tones in a conference call.

Various CODECs Support

Offers a large selection of voice CODECs, including hardware-based A-law, μ-law, IMA-ADPCM, software-based 16-bit linear PCM, MP3 and VOX.

Supports WAV File

The recorded voice files can be edited and played by audio tools such as Cooledit.

Synway’s Unified SynCTI Driver Development Platform

Synway owns the intellectual property rights for the unified high-intelligence SynCTI driver development platform. Each system supports up to 2048 channels. Functions such as the detection and analysis of rings, tones and Caller IDs, are available via simple function calls on the driver platform, without having to understand complex call procedures.