SIM Bank
  • 1U height, 19-inch chassis

  • Embedded Linux system, and upgraded on remote

  • SIMcloud is software based on PC or server Simserver

SIMbank is Synway's latest security device used jointly with Synway's SMG4000 series wireless gateway through the network. With SIMbank, SMG4000 wireless can leverage SIM cards remotely, which realize interdependency and separation between the Wireless gateway and remote SIM cards. In addition, as a compliant software in SIMbank, SIMcloud centralized management system for unified management could administrate SMG4000 wireless gateway and SIMbank to form low-to-high density wireless-IP calling system

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Basic Introduction:

The main function of SIMbank is to manage and assign SIM cards on remote. SIMbank could identify categories of SIM cards, manipulate the mobile numbers for any designated SIM card, authorize Administrator, ensure that resources and data security, and monitor the whole system status. It also supports TCP/UDP, HTTP, ARP/RARP, DNS, NTP, TFTP, TELNET, STUN IP and other network protocols, and realizes address modification and dynamic allocation of IP address, domain name analytic and other functions.

Main Features:

  • 64/128 SIM card slots;

  • 1U height, 19-inch chassis;

  • Long * height * deep: 440*44*200 mm;

  • 12V DC power supply, 2*RJ45 interface;

  • Embedded Linux system, and upgraded on remote;

  • FPGA adopts online loading mode to upgrade system rapidly;


Cloud-based integrated SIMcloud platform is used to manage and monitor SMG4000 series wireless gateway and SIMbank device, as well as configure and administrate SIM cards on remote.

  • SIMbank and SMG4000 series Wireless Gateway could be managed through software registration;

  • SIMcloud is software based on PC or server Simserver;

  • Support remote SIM card management and information exchange;

  • Support forwarding and configuration of SIM card information;

  • Support local virtualization of remote SIM cards;

  • With Web Management interface;

SIMcloud+SIMbank Networking Scheme:


SIMcloud based on SIMserver realizes the communication and management between SIMbank and SMG4000 Wireless Gateway, and isolates SIM cards from remote wireless gateways.