Enable you to effortlessly obtain both audio and video applications in a single system

Main challenge of converged communications:

With the development of SIP technology, VoIP based audio and video communications have been widely used in our everyday work. And in enterprise communications, IP-PBX and video conferencing system helps enterprise to achieve audio, video communications, as well as effectively improve the communication efficiency of enterprises. However, in the real-world application scenario, legacy systems are a bit obsolete, often resulting in voice conferencing and video conferencing to base on two independent systems. For that, the two systems cannot be connected, leading users unable to maximize the use of enterprise network bandwidth and communication resources.

How to help customers get through the technical barriers of these two systems

Synway's UC series IP-PBX products, with its robust voice conferencing system, can set up conferencing for up to 50 attendees. In addition, the UC series PBXs are based on SIP protocol, and can work as versatile video conferencing system, which helps enterprises better utilize the enterprise's SIP network and PSTN resources by integrating enterprise legacy telephone resources and the VoIP network perfectly. It would help the enterprise to control the communication cost, improves the communication efficiency.

UC series IP-PBX adopts standard SIP protocol, and provides customizable application programming interfaces (API) for any third-party solution providers. It supports G.711, G.722 and other voice coding as well as H.263, H.264 and other video encoding, and leverages ITU-T G.168 phone echo cancellation algorithm and QoS voice quality control to provide high voice quality and amazing video conferencing.


Easy Deployment and High Flexibility

During the deployment of the video system (take UC500H IP-PBX as an example), the network administrator can register the conference telephones in the enterprise headquarters as extensions of the UC500H, and remotely register the conference or video telephone or any type of video surveillance equipment of the branch office as another extension of the headquarters UC500H. By so doing, the multiple endpoints are converged into a single system through UC500H. This system would help set up conferencing between the enterprise headquarter and the Branch offices in both desktop IP/video phone or mobile phoneset.

Values and Benefits of Synway UC series IP-PBX

Using Synway UC series IP-PBX to do conference call or video conferencing, enterprise users do not have to remember configure any IP address, but simply dial the extension numbers users intend to communicate with.

Overwhelmingly simplifying dial-up operations for better efficiency: when using the UC IP-PBX conferencing, you can use the phone transfer to dial extension number or reach an external phone endpoint to invite others (desktop extension, fixed line, and mobile phone) to join conference. Even the staff on remote can join conferencing anytime, anywhere, which improve the efficiency of problem solving and coordination.

Reducing deployment costs: enterprises do not have to invest much to build a new system. As long as a Synway IP-PBX is deployed at central office, a variety of conference terminals can be remotely registered to it, delivering audio and video conferencing and bringing new productivity growth to the enterprise.