Synway Newest Modular 2G/WCDMA/VoLTE Wireless VoIP Gateway Empowers Your Mobile SMS and IP-PBX Apps
  • Modular architecture for 8/16/24/32/40/48 Channels

  • Optional Inbuilt Server, Standalone for any applications

  • Telco Grade Standards in Both Hardware and Software


In hybrid VoIP & TDM era with diverse and rapidly-growing needs of unified communications and services, Synway UNIWAY VoIP Gateway adopts the latest modular architecture with built-in server, and opens a new milestone to maximize VOIP and TDM network’s value for SP and application developers. One of major advantage of UNIWAY is to reduce time to market and introduce innovative applications more efficiently and effectively.


Key Features and Benefits
Rich Feature and Future-proof:
Combining requirements of thousands of users, Uniway2100 has a wealth of functions, to meet both special and standardized needs of various environments and provide users with more value; with the latest edge-cutting technology, the product not only satisfies the current demand, but also meets the future market demand, reflecting future trends, including cloud, mobility and UC.

Flexible configuration for any wireless network

Compliant with diverse networks (GSM, WCDMA, 3G, VoLTE, IP): support various multimedia processing capability (conferencing, fax, compression and SuPerFormTM echo cancellation for voice enhancement.

Compliant with any IP-Based applications

With optional inbuilt industrial server, UNIWAY series are compliant with any IP-based applications; it also even supports any category of third party software, including UC, IP-PBX, Contact Center and more. In legacy PSTN network, UNIWAY could converge applications via internal modules.

Carrier-Grade Reliability

Special power system with standby redundancy; advanced cooling system to reassure long-standing robustness ; special air cleaner to protect against dust accumulation inside chassis; Inside temperature control and alert system; No need to change wiring when changing functional modules.