Synway’s Latest SMG1000 FXO/FXS Gateway Deserves Your Trial, Featuring Unmatched Cost and IP-Faxing Capability

In VoIP era, the traditional fax system will face new challenges, for its TDM-based line to achieve fax transceiver. In high-density faxing application scenario, the failure rate of faxing negatively affects the day-to-day operation of the enterprise. At the same time, more enterprises demand for fax function, but the integration of the business system with the traditional fax system faces up to the problem.

Synway’s SMG1000 analog FXO/FXS gateway builds new generation system

Network Fax (Network Fax) is a facsimile technology based on PSTN and internet, known as electronic fax. It integrates telephone networks, intelligence network and internet technology, and transfers files over the Internet to a fax server, from the server to the fax machine receiving the general graphics format. SMG1000 Series Gateway, not only is compatible with the traditional TDM line faxing, but also supports the network fax, with unparalleled flexibility.

SMG1000 supports for multiple fax protocols such as T. 38/t. 34

T. 38 is a facsimile coding protocol, which as the core of IP network fax agent, has the ability to handle multiple-lines fax messages at the same time. Based on that, the SMG1000 can process up to 32 channels of faxing reception and transition, building high-density network fax system:

  • Support V. 8, v. 17, v. 21, v. 27, v. 29, v. 34 and other modulation modes

  • Support T. 30, T. 34, T. 37, T. 38 Protocol and ECM (Error correction mode) error correction modes

  • Support for multiple file formats: *. txt, *., *. xls, *. tif, *. ppt, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF, etc.


Excellent backbone of modern enterprise communications

Using the SMG1000 gateway, enterprises could build the network fax system, through the client ends, Web browser, e-mail, and integrate faxing applications with different business systems (OA, ERP, CRM, etc.), achieving unparalleled faxing capability. SMG1000, as the core carrier of fax system, is the indispensable communication equipment in the whole facsimile system.

Combined with Synway’s SBC to make faxing more secure and reliable

Traditional fax system, via TDM to send faxes, could be cyber attached. But the SMG1000 Gateway could encrypt fax files and registration information, so transmission over the Internet and data are encrypted. The data is decrypted only after reception, which means that actual contents cannot be seen even if the faxing file is intercepted. With Synway's latest SBC gateways, SMG1000 can create a more secure and reliable IP fax system.