Synway SMG4000 Wireless Gateways Help You Synchronize Voice With 4G Data Flow Effortlessly

Brief Introduction:

The 4G network is a trend in the communications industry, as it converts diverse information into hi-efficient and economical data. To fit into this trend, SMG4000 wireless gateway is compliable with various 4G VoLTE protocols in different countries, facilitating customers to complete transition from 2G/3G to 4G networks smoothly and safely.

SMG4000 wireless gateway benefits users a lot, its tangible advantages include:

  • Client-based localization & customization guarantee seamless interoperability with various VoLTE protocols;

  • Edge-Cutting 4G-based solution facilitates users to seize prospective business chances in 4G-driven epoch;

  • Hi-efficient 4G data processing minimizes system requirements and has no limit to transaction capacity;

Synway SMG4000 series wireless gateway helps users to create an efficient and mobile office environment. It adapts self-propelled SIM card slots, advanced built-in VoIP processors and wireless modules, and helps enterprises and SPs launch diverse cost-efficient and flexible Wireless-to-IP communication systems. And SMG4000 could also be applied into a range of systems, including remote billing and charge, Mobility PBX, PSTN backup lines, VoIP localization, SMS platform and more.

Key Features:

  • High-speed response and connectivity in the extreme network environments, with better run efficiency;

  • Telecom grade reliability and continuous high performance in fully loaded capacity and in the long run;

  • Homegrown hardware and software technologies to guarantee relevant upgrading and customization;   

  • DSP-enabled voice optimization to assure crystal voice quality and maximize bandwidth efficiency;

  • High security and privacy for users via automatic-exchange of different SIM cards and Networks;

  • More compact hardware design to save space and ensure advantages of power consumption and cost;

Value Description:

Efficiency is vital in the communication industry. SMG4000 series wireless gateway puts this point as first, and it uses and activates multiple SIM cards circularly to improve system security for making full usage of bandwidth and increasing ROI. You may wonder how can SMG4000 operate high efficiently and still keep the system stable? That’s because of its carrier-grade system structure. Also, open architecture is adopted to be compatible with different mainstream soft switching platforms (IP-PBX or UC), offering more convenient customization services.

Voice quality is optimized by Synway`s particular SUPERFORM EHCO CANCELLATION, and SMG4000 supports all kinds of voice optimization technology ,including CNG,AGC and adaptive dynamic buffer. The DSP-ENABLED Codecs also be adopted, including G.711,G.722,G.723,G.729,ILBC, AMR, ect, making the voice performance and processing power unique and being able to satisfy all kinds of applying requirements Under extreme circumstances. Besides, the TEXT information can be transferred to achieve any expected performance on both voice and data.