Synway VoIP Gateway Could Capture and Export Audio for Call Monitoring, Quality Improvement and Legal Compliance

Products: Synway SMG2000/3000 VoIP gateway /SMGREC

Thousands of calls happen in various call centers every day, and call monitoring and recording is a necessary measure to ensure the high quality of call services. These recordings can then be used by call centers and other enterprises for various purposes such as legal compliance purposes, transcription and speech analysis, or for podcasting and blogging purposes.


To match this market need, Synway rolls out a high-stability and versatile recording server---SMGREC, which is specially designed for SMG2000/3000 E1/T1 trunking VoIP gateway and allows for monitoring and recording multiple SMG2000/3000 gateways simultaneously. SNGREC is compliant with SMG2000/3000, and guarantees the high quality of recording voice with no additional cost.

With the policy of flexible operation, the SMGREC supports automatic and on-demand recording. In automatic recording, it automatically records every call on the endpoint. In on-demand recording, the users could demand SMGREC to start the recording for the call on the endpoint in terms of their actual business needs. Users can control and manage the SMGREC easily by WEB.

SMGREC provide the ability to monitor and record customer conversations for compliance purpose. That Call Monitoring feature allows a supervisor to listen to a conversation between an operator and a customer, with neither the operator nor the customer being aware of the supervisor's presence on the call. The Call Recording feature allows system administrators or authorized personnel to archive conversations between the operators and the customer. For SMG2000/3000 users, SMGREC is the most valuable choice for providing monitoring and recording solutions. More Synway’s VoIP gateway family members, including FXS/FXO/GSM/CDMA/UTMS/LTE Gateways would support this monitoring and recording feature soon.