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Grow your business with Synway’s effective and economical SMG VoIP gateway.

Synway's VoIP gateways are industrial grade appliances designed to bridge the gap between TDM (T1/E1/J1) and IP networks. With over two decades of expertise in signaling and media technology, our field-proven PSTN/IP signaling technology possesses seamless interoperability with any complex network environments.  Robust, Redundant and Reliable, the SMG gateway family carries out the 3R spirit and definitely serves as the best solution for service providers and system integrators looking to enhance their deployments under extreme network environments.

SMG4000 wireless gateway


Synway SMG4000 series GSM/WCDMA/VoLTE VoIP Gateway is a multi-functional product used to efficiently realize the smooth transition between mobile and VoIP network. With new pop-up SIM card slot. Also, it is fully compatible with Synway SIMCloud/ SIMbank solution.  

SMG3000 carrier-grade E1/T1 gateway

SR500 2.png

Designed especially for telco-grade applications, it processes signaling and multimedia in a single chassis and can deliver SIP services into SS7, PRI, and SIP networks.

SMG2000 E1/T1 gateway


It converts digital PSTN message into IP formats and secures sessions across IP and mixed network boundaries to support the seamless delivery of services in a compact 1U form factor appliance.

SMG1000 FXS/FXO gateway


SMG1000 FXS/FXO Gateway allows for a well-planned, phased migration to an IP network, making the gateways an easy solution for enterprises looking to enhance their legacy PBX equipment with new VoIP access and applications. Connected between a PBX or a LAN, the SMG1000 Gateway converts analog PSTN messages into a format suitable for transmission over standard IP networks.