Synway Launches SMG2000S to minimize cost for enterprises to upgrade their legacy PBX systems

[July 5 2016,HANGZHOU,China]——Synway, a major designer of VoIP gateway and Cloud-based UC enabling technologies, has introduced its latest SMG2000S.


Based on the state-of-art Telco’s SMG2000 series, Synway has released a new enterprise-focused cost effective SMG2000S series VoIP gateway. The newly released SMG2000S adopts the equivalent hardware architecture like its predecessor SMG2000, with fully loaded dedicated DSP chipsets in use for processing IP/TDM signaling and optimizing voice quality. Compared to rival products on marketplaces, SMG2000S features Telco’s high reliability and unparalleled cost efficiency, providing a perfect alternative for enterprises and system integrators in IP communications.


SMG2000S adopts long standing field-proven voice processing technologies, based on continually optimized algorithm of dedicated chipsets in diverse networks. It could offer high audio quality, despite of low bandwidth in extreme environment. For that, enterprise users could enjoy smooth communications effortlessly and efficiently, in situations of restricted bandwidth and high density switching.


With a more efficient manner to interconnect and deliver cost-effective services, The Synway SMG2000S series is a new member of Synway's gateway family that enables service providers and enterprises to maximize value of their networks and services. The SMG2000S converts digital PSTN message into IP formats and connects and secures sessions across IP and mixed network boundaries to support the seamless delivery of services.


The SMG2000S connects IP and hybrid networks via telephony and Ethernet links in a compact 1U form factor appliance. It also transforms media and signaling to support efficient and reliable voice, fax and multimedia sessions for mobile, fixed and cloud-based applications. The convergence of IP multimedia and TDM gateway functionality in a single chassis in the SMG offers significant reductions in investment and operational cost when compared to less integrated alternatives.


Synway SMG2000S will be showcased at the upcoming CommunicIndonesia 2016(Aug31-Sep3,2016),please stop by Synway booth 580 to get to know this feature-rich products.