Cloud Partner 2015

How Does the Cloud Mean Business for You?

The cloud means business! Of course the cloud means business, right? But just like every new trend in business, it takes a while for vendors to solidify their cloud services, for partners to understand how to sell those services and for end users to actually demand those services. For the cloud, that time is now. Partners can expand what they sell while delighting end users by offering services they know are affordable, rock solid and business ready. Cloud Partners 2015 will tell you how to enable scale, impact and action based on the cloud services that you deliver through your cloud practice. But what does that really mean?


Cloud based solutions enable an unprecedented opportunity for partners to grow their cloud practice with solutions that can shift with the needs of the customer--scaling up and down as needed. Get the skinny on which cloud solutions will enable the best scale for you and your customers.


Your practice and your customer's business both have the ability to feel an immediate impact when the right cloud solutions are applied--time to profit for your practice, and time to implementation for your customers are key to defining success. Understand the impact roadmap of new and existing cloud solutions to determine where and how they should be applied to your cloud practice.


Customers are demanding action--they want to understand what their alternatives are to traditional on premise solutions, and how this can affect their operational vs capital budgets. Incredible opportunity for you to lead the customer through this analysis--but you have to take action now. Learn strategic approaches to meet the customer demand for action around the cloud.

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Sep 16-18, 2015

Boston, US

Booth No.: #833

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