High-Efficient SS7 Signaling Capability of Synway Gateway Empowers IP Communications

For most brandname VoIP gateways in the marketplaces, the SS7 link malfunctions often, which leads to shutting down for the whole communication system. Thus some system integrators have to use two backup systems. It might work, but result to unreasonably high investment on telecom system. 


Synway has made consistent efforts to optimize the SS7 link and make it more stable, by utilizing hardware-based DSP chipset for MTP2 control layer. Meanwhile, some brandname gateways are not complaint with SS7, and others still uses software to control the MTP2 link. Compared with rival products, Synway gateways take advantage of Hardware-based DSP chipset, and so run 35% faster, with higher reliability in extreme environment.

Key Benefits:

Synway VoIP gateway portfolios could deliver a variety of values for 3000 plus customers, including:

  • SS7 compliance and high adaptivity to various complex communications environments;

  • Excellent SS7 reliability, and seamless compatibility with carrier-grade platforms;

  • Telco-grade redundancy reassures system stability and high performance;