High Density VoIP Gateway Outperformed Rivals in OBD Softswitching Systems

Application:Improve Operation Efficiency in OBD Softswitching Systems

Solution:Synway SMG1000 Analog Access Gateway(FXO/FXS, 2~32CHs)

Key Benefits:

  •  Custom-made configuration, complementary Dual FSK and DTMF transmission / reception to guarantee 30% higher successful connection rates;

  •  Reduce 20% operation costs and shorten 20% time for communication response time;

  •  Significantly improves agents’ efficiency and lowers calling missing rates;

  •  Stable outbound system, bringing maximized value for customers, enterprises, and employees;

  •  Highly efficient migration from FXO to IP network, ensuring 99.9% successful outbound connectivity rates.

Special Features:

In accordance with the evaluation mechanism of outbound systems, Synway SMG FXO/FXS gateway made some special adjustments on dialing mechanism via introducing optimized FSK and personalized parameter configurations, which increases connection rates up to 30%. Besides, configurable gateway allows customers to minimize the silence time interval from calling to ringing to less than 200ms, while rival products exceed 900ms.