SS7/ISDN and Hi-Speed Connectivity Make Synway VoIP Gateway Different from Its Rivals

What’s the definition of good customer experience in communications operation system? Firstly, it is reliability. What comes next is connectivity rate and voice quality. Most leading communication solution providers have stringent standards for this specific criteria like Cisco, Huawei, so does Synway SMG 2120 series VoIP gateway. Having make much effort to ensure maximum optimization of the system architecture, signaling and protocols, SMG2120 is equipped with hi-speed voice processing capability and surpass other competitive products.

  • High Availability in Full Capacity

Synway SMG2120 ensures calling process completed within 25ms in full-load calling activities, and can easily transfer 120 concurrent calls in less than 3 seconds. Synway SMG2120 saves 30% plus time in terms of voice handling, which is vital for high capacity communication systems.

  • Superior Voice Quality

High efficiency trunking capability brings better customer experience, especially in large capacity IMS environment. The communication system benefits much more from higher voice processing efficiency, which exceptionally improves connectivity rate, and leads to more superior voice quality.

  • Friendly User Experience

Depending on newest system architecture, highly effective protocol conversion algorithm and excellent product quality, Synway SMG2120 gateway becomes uniquely valuable for leading system integrators and service providers.