Synway VoIP Analog Gateway Ensures High Survivability and Smooth FXO-IP Transition

With a simple and economical way to help legacy telephone, fax machines and PBXs interconnect with IP network, Synway SMG1000 series analog gateway call center and multi-branch enterprise to process powerful, versatile and efficient VoIP solutions for unparalleled cost advantages.

Address Headache Issues for Easy IP Communications:

1. Comfort Noise Generation(CNG); Minimize Low Bit Code; Optimize PESQ value to the best and Ensure high voice quality under any network environment;

2. Unlike other similar products, SMG 1000 series gateway delivers 99.99% connectivity success rates in calling activity of FXO-to-IP transmission(or reversely);

3. Telco-grade reliability; DSP-powered hardware for multimedia and SIP processing, including T.38 FOIP FAX, G.729, G.723.

  • Multiple Physical Interface & Distant Work Agent

1000 series gateway supports multiple interfaces to ensure easy deployment: RJ11 、RJ45、 RJ21, or more. It also supports distant-agent call (with FXS agent extended to 10km), which brings great flexibility for enterprise deployment.

  • Exclusive SIP-based Features

Not only can 1000 series gateway work as IP terminal and register on IMS systems or various software platform, including 3CX、Elastix、Freeswitch、Asterisk, but also other SIP-based terminal device or soft phone can also register on 1000 series gateway, which assures high adaptability during small enterprise communication network deployment.

  • High Reliability

1000 series gateway possesses unique survivability in nonfunctional network or power-off circumstances, ensuring normal operation of entire communication systems. Specifically, even when the WAN breaks down or disconnects, this survivability assures normal function; Synway’s dedicated FXC module can connect FXO/FXS automatically, maintaining system running in power-off case.